Chastity is life and indulgence is death. Continence is a virtue to be observed for success in all the spheres of life, be they mundane or spiritual. A clean and chaste life is a fertile soil wherein the Holy Seed of Spirituality thrives the best. It consists of restraint in thought, word and deed, as in each case the poison is injected into the depths of the mind and multiplies with accumulated impurities of countless ages. To cultivate chastity is an uphill task that requires a long-drawn struggle through life -- something very strenuous indeed. Fortunate are those who practice celibacy because they are in a far better position to follow the Path Godwards than those who are wallowing in the miserable mire of self-indulgence. A normal temperate married life as enjoined by the scriptures is, however, no bar to spirituality.


An analysis of the facts of life will show that normally much depends upon our environment and mode of living. Diet plays an important part in the build-up of our mental thinking. The food we take when assimilated in the system, colors our life impulses in its own color. The very bones and blood get dyed in the color of the food we take. Adulterated or dead foods cannot be the source of Life. This is why the Masters on the Path of Spirituality always insist on complete abstinence from all meats, fish, fowl and eggs (both fertile and infertile), and from all alcoholic beverages or intoxicants and other opiates and stimulants, as one dulls the thinking faculty and the other flares up animal passions within and renders one insensate to the higher impulses in life. "As you think, so you become," is an age-old aphorism, and to it may be added, "As is the food, so is the mind."


A natural diet, comprising vegetables, fruits, nuts, butter, bread and cheese, in moderate quantities, is highly nutritious for the health and strength necessary for carrying on the obligations of life, either earthly or spiritual. An eminent physician says, "We dig our graves in the kitchen, and more deeply with our teeth." Moreover, closely connected with this problem is the far-reaching inexorable Law of Karma -- the Law of Cause and Effect, or of Action and Reaction. "As you sow, so shall you reap," is an adage too well known to need any comments. You cannot have roses out of tares. Everything in the world, or of the world, has to be paid for. Even our so-called joys and pleasures require a price. You cannot take away life without paying the penalty thereof. "The wages of sin," said Christ, "is death" and you can well decide for yourself if you are prepared to pay for it.


By the observance of Brahmcharya (celibacy), we not only preserve the vital fluid of life (which is rather an invaluable asset in the physical body and can in no way be underrated) but it positively helps one in attuning to the Divinity, already woven into the very pattern of our life but lost in the mighty swirl of the world.



The lost strands of the life- giving threads - the Holy Light and the Audible Life Stream - as manifested by the Master, cannot be held for any length of time, unless we are firmly embedded in the life of chastity. A vacant mind is the devil's workshop, and hence constant repetition of the Charged Words and Remembrance of the Master are counselled. These act as powerful aids and help in anchoring the mind and keeping it steadfast in the otherwise tumultuous sea of life. It should be clearly understood that no amount of intellectual attainments or sophisticated reasoning can stand by you in an hour of tortuous agony, only the gracious protection of the Master. Again, ripe fruits retain their freshness so long as they remain on the branches, but when once plucked can only be preserved either in honey or in some high grade refrigerators. The personal Aura of the Gracious Master is the Embalming Honey and His Loving Protection, the invaluable Cold Storage, where one may find hope for liberation from this ancient malady. The lives dedicated to the Holy Cause of God have left behind records of their precious experiences which show in abundance that there is hope for everybody, provided one is earnest in his or her endeavors, and provided above all there is proper guidance and help from a truly competent Master-soul. As every Saint has a past so has every sinner a future, but nothing can be accomplished without the Grace of the Master Power overhead. The child-disciple has, of course, to keep himself busy and occupied in something useful, or at least in repeating the Sacred Charged Names mentally, shunning bad company and uncongenial environment -- like the study of obscene literature and art -- and by avoiding looking into the eyes of others, particularly of the opposite sex, and in strictly taking a vegetarian diet, conservatively cooked and in strict moderation. These are some of the helping factors which if pursued steadfastly can bring in sure results in due course of time with the grace of the Master Power Overhead.


Here it may be necessary to say a few words about Brahmcharya. Literally speaking, it means the Path (the practical path of one's conduct) leading to Brahman or God. It consists in controlling all the senses and channelling them in the right direction. In other words, it makes a life of continence, temperance and self restraint, including total abstinence from all kinds of unwholesome foods and drinks. A life like this is a sine qua non or a necessity for the Path Godwards or Brahmanwards, and aspirants are well advised to follow it scrupulously.