[Part 1]



No man knoweth the Son, but the

Father; neither knoweth any man

the Father save the Son, and he to

whodinever the Son will reveal him.





First Edition, 1967

Second Edition, 1971

(not copyrighted)





to the Almighty God

working through all Masters who have come

and Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj

at whose lotus feet

the author imbibed sweet elixir of

Holy Naam - the Word








Author's Preface


01.  Guru: What He Is

02.  Guru is Shabd

03.  Gradations in Mastership

04.  Guru: One or Many

05.  Present Master

06.  The Need of a Master

07.  Past Saints

08.  Without a Guru All is Darkness

09.  Historical Evidence

10.  Before and After Guru Nanak

11.  Scriptures and Their Value

12.  Guru is Superman or GodMan

13.  Master and the Homegoing of Jivas

14.  Master and His Mission

15.  Master and His Work

16.  Master and His Duties

17.  Guru is GodMan

18.  Gurudev

19.  Perfect Master

20.  How to Find a Perfect Master and Know Him

21.  His Life and Conduct

22.  The Physical Form of the Master

23.  The Influence of the Master

24.  Oneness of Guru, Gurudev, Satguru & Malik

25.  The Nature of Oneness

26.  The Blessings of God and the Master

27.  The Solicitude of the Master

28.  Master and the Controlling Power

29.  Surrender to the Master

30.  The Words of the Master


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