Morning Talks

Sant Kirpal Singh

Table of Contents 

  1. Charity
  2. Charity and hard earnings
  3. Don’t think evil of others
  4. Natural diet
  5. What the Master does for the disciple
  6. How to develop love for God
  7. What is true love (I)
  8. What is true love (II)
  9. How to develop love and devotion
  10. The outward symbols and expressions of One who has true love for the Master
  11. Chastity – We must become Self-centred
  12. Whom should we love? (I)
  13. Learn to die so that you may begin to live
  14. The true Guru or Master
  15. Know thy Self- You must rise above body consciousness
  16. What special practices bear fruit
  17. What are the impediments on the way?
  18. Why should we worship the Godman?
  19. How to do our bhakti
  20. How to develop devotion and the importance of keeping the diaries
  21. What the principles are of bhakti or devotion
  22. The difficulties in the way of developing devotion to the Master
  23. How devotion to God bears fruit
  24. The true service of God or God-in-man
  25. Righteousness – detachment – self – restraint
  26. True Satsang
  27. How to develop receptivity (I)
  28. The true Bread and Water of Life
  29. The Single Eye or Third Eye
  30. How to develop receptivity (II)
  31. Love versus attachment
  32. How to love God
  33. What is love?
  34. How can we please the Master?
  35. Whom should we love? (II)
  36. Love versus lust (I)
  37. Love versus lust (II)
  38. How to develop the attributes of the Master
  39. True prayer
  40. The condition of the lover of God or the Master

Morning Talks - Complete Text