The Way of the Saints

Collections of Param Sant Kirpal Singh

Table of Contents 

Part I
The Life & Teaching of Baba Sawan Singh Ji

  1. The Life & Teachings of Baba Sawan Singh Ji

Part II
Discourses & Essays

  1. Man Know Thyself
  2. Ruhani Satsang: Science of spirituality
  3. Simran: The Sweet Remembrance of God
  4. Sant: The Master
  5. World Peace in the Atomic Age
  6. In Remembrance of Hazur
  7. God Power, Christ Power, Guru Power
  8. The Essence of Religion
  9. The Fruit and Its Casing
  10. Toward the New Education
  11. The Spiritual Revolution Explained
  12. The Remodeling of Our Destiny

The Circular Letters

  1. The Outer Aspects of Life
  2. Instructions for Seekers After Truth
  3. Ends and Means
  4. Instructions for Holding Satsang
  5. The Spiritual Aspect of the Vegetarian Diet
  6. Love, Concentration and Self-Surrender:
         The Psychology of Mysticism
  7. How to Maintain Ashrams
  8. Service Before Self
  9. The Way of Love
  10. By Love Serve one Another
  11. Humility
  12. Blessed are The Poor in Spirit
  13. Before The Year Runs out
  14. On Keeping The Diary
  15. How to develop receptivity
  16. On The Unity of Man