Karma and Military-Service



All action has corresponding reaction. An individual action has an individual reaction. Collectively people are asked to do ethical actions. This brings up good collective reaction. Reverse of it produces collective bad reaction. Nature has its own way of correcting and fulfilling reactions of individual good and bad action. Likewise collective reactions are to be fulfilled. One may not be able to truly understand the depth of these things for his perception and understanding is limited to guage these depths. Internal ascension into higher [regions] opens vision to see things clearly and how they happen. We should, therefore strive fully, honestly, faithfully and diligently to proceed within. Those who are earnest and devoted are crowned with success. Many things become clear which otherwise with all the reasoning and intelligence will be at best hazy and foggy. But to those who are regularly devoted to meditation in the accurate way their inner development takes them face to face to their Radiant Form of the Master within - in which God Power appears - who talks to them as we talk outside, guides them in all matters - when the time comes, for their leaving the physical body, He tells them that they have to go. There is nothing strange in it. It is every day happening.



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The principle of non-violence in military service should not be difficult for your reconciliation. The enrolled soldiers are not responsible for the execution of orders given to them during their war services, as they are simply carrying out the orders passed on to them by their superior officers manning the operations. The payment of taxes for military purposes is equally a legitimate obligation on the


part of good citizens when they are called upon to do so by the civil authorities who are responsible for their safety and general welfare. You will please appreciate that none of the vocations usually stand in the way of spiritual progress, save some intentional morality, which becomes a source of bondage and contracting of Karma. Non-violence means to sacrifice one's own self if need be, for the good of others and not take life for the greed of ourself. It is an ennobling virtue, which means non-injury to the living in thought, word and deed. You will find a more exhaustive explanation on the subject from the forthcoming book entitled Karmas, which will enlighten your personal understanding.




Param Sant Kirpal Singh