Birthday Messages

Be good, do good, be one ... 1972  
Awake! O man, 'Regain your Godhead' before it is too late. Most of the time has been frittered away in other pursuits. 1971  
... Let my words abide in you ... 1970   
I wish to see you progress on the spiritual way and become ambassadors of Truth during the evening of my life-sooner the better as time and tide wait for no man. 1969  
In My Heart I Have a Vision 1967   
... for love is the root - love is the fruit of the tree of life. 1966  
A flower is known by the fragrance it emits ... 1965  
You Never Lose Anything When You Give" 1964   
I wish you to 'simplify,' 'simplify,' 'simplify.' ..." 1963  
... I send love to you all and request that you cultivate inner life shunning all madness of outer show. 1962  
With longing in thine eyes enter thou within from without. It is in truth the central Message of every True Master. In thy own House you will see Him. 1961  
... Birthdays are but arbitrary milestones of life's journey on earth ... 1960  
Preach the Gospel of oneness. Spread the message of oneness and live a life of oneness. There will be peace on earth. This is the mission of my life and I pray it may be fulfilled. 1959