Christmas and New Year's Messages

... Those in search of God, are ultimately led by the God-Power to the feet of the Master-Saint - the 'Word made flesh' - for the journey back to God ... 1971  
... 'God is Spirit' - moreover 'God made man in His own image'. The image cannot be but spirit 1970  
I wish you all God speed. The Master Power, God Power, Christ Power within you will be extending all feasible help and protection until you are completely attuned into the sweetness of your Father. 1969  
The scriptures are the fine records of the experience of the past Masters with self and God ... So long as their experiences do not become our own experiences, we cannot be convinced. 1968  
... Be not imprisoned in the jail of ' I ' and 'me'. He who hath transcended self, he verily hath attained to the Highest... 1962  
The Master-Power flows out alike and in abundance to all, but individual share in the bounty depends on one's receptivity and practice of the Word above everything else. 1960  
There is suffering in the world, and men and women wander in darkness. In such a world let us go about giving love and compassion to all. 1959  
... Let you be perfect as your Father is in Heaven ... 1958  
Another year of our precious life has gone ... 1957  
Live by what He says, turn within and do daily meditation, and as sure as the sun rises every day, you shall become the seers and the hearers of' the Word. 1956  
... but the real Christmas will be celebrated when we really make up our minds to fulfill the aim of Christ's birth, viz., to enter the Kingdom of God within us, and bring the same on earth. 1955  
Soul's stay in the body may be compared to a traveller who stays in an inn for the night and leaves it with dawn of the day and goes on his way ahead. 1954  
Through His grace the long and tedious journey back to our Eternal Home is cut short and rendered full of melodious charm. His Gracious Love is overflowing, and He is waiting for you at the door back of your eyes to receive you. 1953  
Every moment of our life is most precious. We should not fritter it away in useless pursuits, but devote it in the search of self and God. 1952