You will please realize that most of the time, we ordinarily are at the heart-centre and are therefore swayed by countless emotions, feelings and impulses of diverse kinds:



likes and dislikes, preferences and perversions, prides and prejudices, senses and sensibilities, all of which, whether we wish it or not, keep us chained to the world and all that is worldly. We have, therefore, to be very cautious in training the mind in the reverse process the process of inversion or tapping inside, by steadily developing the inner gaze with a loving longing for the Lord. He is within us and we are within Him like the proverbial fish in the sea. The apparent cloud of darkness that greets us when we close our eyes will gradually reveal that lining (because of the sun of spirituality behind it) and will eventually burst if we but learn to see intently and lovingly into the middle thereof.




Param Sant Kirpal Singh (Ek Onkar)