The Living Master


Living in the world, today is a man who can present the ageless, scientific method of realizing the kingdom of Heaven while one is still living here in the human body. He can pass this method on to the sincere seeker as an objective, demonstrable fact. He can open the door to the highest adventure; the supreme Drama of the soul. He follows in a spiritual line of cosmic apostolic succession which includes such names as Budha, Lao Tse, Christ, Kabir, Guru Nanak and Sawan Singh, to mention but a few. The name of this God-realized man is Kirpal Singh.


Such high claims have been made for other spiritual leaders in this 20th century, and it is true that our troubled age has been blessed by exalted and noble souls in many religious, social and political organizations. But although these great figures have helped to ameliorate the conditions of the human masses, they are not commissioned to give the science of the Master. This alone has been the task of the few Great Master and Saints of all ages. A true Master is one who teaches one to see, hear and experience the inner spiritual planes of Light. He doesn’t expect blind faith or the false testimony of feeling and emotions.


Kirpal Singh’s life and mission is unique in the incredible universality of purpose which he manifests. All Master in the past have been universal. This is truism because God is Universal and the true Master is God in human form: The world made flesh! But a new age demands new methods and new approaches, the Sat Kirpal Singh has brought an ancient and most spiritual science of the Master into consonance with needs of a rapidly changing world. Other Master were commissioned to give the esoteric science to a chosen few, Leaving their selected disciple to carry an exoteric doctrine into the world. Master like Guru Nanak Guru Nanak could journey the length and breadth of India and travel to Asia Minor, and this way truly wonderful for his age. Kirpal Singh has extended the objectivity of the previous Master into all fields of human endeavour. He is able to manifest the supreme heights through the science of the soul, but he is also the fully competent the practical Master of affairs in the mental and physical world of man.


That the many ways of man can be transformed into the way of God is demonstrated in the lives of the Masters. This is as true today as it has been true throughout the ages. This present time may be an ‘eleventh hour’ in the world’s history, a challenging climateric in human affairs, but the way is not one of despair or desolation. If all communities, individuals and nations lived up to the precepts of the great social religions there would be no more hatred, no more strife, no more wars. There is no need to change one’s personal religious belief. There is a crying need to practice the precepts of that belief. No one religion is greater than the other. All have the same universal truths expounded in them.


Kirpal Singh Ji through the grace of his Master, Baba Sawan Singh Ji, has firmly anchored the liberating  science of the soul in the West as it is in the East. He sets forth this spiritual science in a simple and direct way. The learned and unlearned, young and old, alike can be initiated into this supernal technique of God realization. The central theme of this science is contact with the world of God, the sound current or Audible Life Stream. This divine Link with the Supreme God sounding through the various planes of creation, is know by many names in all the world religions. But the leaders the followers of these religions have lost the inner key and essential knowledge of the Word. The fact that a living Master, dwelling at this moment in the world of man, can attune the sincere seeker to this divine Music – the Word of God – is a far more revolutionary and important thing than all the fantastic developments, such as nuclear physics and outer-space travel that modern science has devised


George Arnsby Jones


(Harvet in Rich)