Jain Muni Acharya Tulsi Visits Sawan Ashram


“meeting of the two Saints augurs well for the future of mankind”


The arrival of Jain Muni Acharya Tulsi, founder head of the Anuvrat Movement, at the Sawan Ashram to 19th January, was yet another important milestone in the preparation for the World Conference on Unity of Man which had brought prominent personalities from India and abroad—Fuji Guruji of Japan, Kaka Kalelkar, Yogi Bhajan, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Head of the International Sufi Order, Cabinet Ministers and other—to the Sawan Ashram.


The Acharya  arrived with Jain Munis and Sadhwis (Nuns) of his holy order and followers (Shraviks and Sravikas) in the early hours of the morning. Sawan Ashram was their first stop on arrival at Delhi at the end of the long pad yatra (March on foot) which the Acharya had so timed as to enable him to take active part in the Conference. H.H. Sant Kirpal Singhji welcomed the Acharya and his companions and conducted them to his residence. After some heart to heart talk all repaired to the big hall for a formal session.


Dr. Madan Mohan Chopra, Secretary, World Conference on Unity of Man, welcoming Acharya Tulis to the Ashram said that the meeting between the two holy men was a happy augury for the future of mankind. The inspiration for this memorable meeting was provided by the Anuvrat function of welcome to the freedom fighters of India and Sant Kirpal Singh Ji’s magnanimity in putting up 1500 freedom fighters in the Ashram and arranging for their free meals. This brought the Ruhani Satsang and Anuvrat Workers together and we—myself and Shri shamsukha of the Anuvrat—conferred together to bring about this happy event. Shri Chopra said that the initiates of Satguru Kirpal Singh have to adhere to strict vegetarian diet and eschew use of intoxicants. This was the first pre-requisite for a satsangi or initiate. Acharya Tulsi was also working with the same end in view. If the two vital movements or regenerating currents flowing from the two great men were to meet and flow together it would give a new direction to humanity.


The Master Speaks

 Addressing the gathering, comprising of inmates of the Ashram, both Indian and foreign, the Jain Munis and their followers, H.H. Sant Kirpal Singh Ji said that he had met Acharya Tulsiji long ago and though there was, somehow , no meeting after that, in the heart he was always with me.


Even as a child I used to ponder, where was any difference between man and man?  They all are born the same way, have the same inner and outer construction and are endowed with the same privileges from God. Why then there are differences? A study of scriptures further strengthened the belief in Unity of Man. The Master came to unite all mankind on one common ground of spirituality. The most important thing that they taught and gave practical demonstration thereof was for man to rise upto the highest Principle, the Godhead in him. And for that ethical life was most essential.


The Master all worked for the Unity of Man, for bringing all mankind together on a common ground. The various formations came after they had gone, to keep alive their teachings. Social bodies or religious formations are like different schools and colleges with their distinctive uniforms and badges having the same teaching and curriculum. As long as there are practical man, Master or Adepts in the Science of Soul, the teaching of the Master continue in its true form. For lack of practical men the unity which is already there in each one of us in lost and forgotten. We are one as men, having the same inner and outer contraction and are conscious entities—drops of the ocean of All Consciousness which is God. We are brother and sisters in God.


This was the basic teaching of all Master who came. The ideal for a perfect man is the same in all formations. Hindu is one who sees the light of God. The same criterion applies to a Sikh, a Mohammedan or a Christian—one who sees the light of God. So unity is already there—we are one as man, as soul and as worshippers of the same God, one may call him by any name. But we forget this. Master come at a time when right understanding is replaced by narrow-mindedness and parochialism. They come to reconcile conflicting veins and unite mankind.

So when in 1957, World Fellowship of Religions was formed I joined it. The ideal before it was unity of Religions. This was what I too wanted. Many conferences were held under its auspices in India and abroad. It resulted in a visible  decline in narrow sectarianism and religious fanaticism. But another destructive trend reared its head in the form of different formations living up for the advancement of their particular sect or formation. The purpose was to become an ideal man, to know oneself and to know God—that is there as long as there is a Godman in the world. Masters come to make people see who do not see. They teach Self-Knowledge and God-Knowledge and give direct first-hand experience thereof. As regards the labels of different formations that we are carrying on our bodies that only indicates as to which school we have joined to attain the highest purpose of human existence viz. to Know God.


I have great regard for all Masters who came, for Lord Mahavira and others, for they all gave out the same message ‘MAN KNOE THYSELF ‘ and that included everything. Knowing oneself is at the level of feeling or inferences. Both these are subject to error. Seeing is above all. I have had heart to heart talks with many great men here in India and abroad and today, by the grace of God, I have yet another happy opportunity.



Narrow-mindedness and parochialism came from too close adherence to particular isms or religious formations. Quite recently when I was in America I was asked in a T.V. interview “how can we have peace and happiness in the world?” and I said, “If individuals would rise above their isms and wake up to the reality that all mankind was one and Kings and administrators would rise above countries, there would be peace and happiness all over the world. This is what I learnt at the feet of the Masters: that we are all men and mankind is all one. One may belong to any formation but should live and ideal life and be an example to others. That schools is best where a large number of students pass in the examination. That formation is best which turns out many perfect men. We are fortunate to have Acharya Ji in our midst today. Words cannot adequately express the inner feelings, but heart speaks to heart. We were one before, we are one now and shall remain one in future too.


This conference, the  first of its kind, is being convened at the level of man and not at the level of religion. There have been many conference on the level of religion, in India, in Persia, in France, in Germany. Much good came from these conferences. But now pillars are being put up to block the Path of Unity of man. It is a blessing to remain in a formation. But one should not get walled up within the narrow confines of a particular formation. One should rise above parochialism and give out the true teachings that we are one as man. This conference is being held at the level of man, the participants in the conference coming not as representatives of a religious formation, but as a man. If the individual is all right the whole society gains, for individuals make the society. I think you, Muni Ji are a pioneer of this. We are one but we have forgotten this. We have to rediscover the lost link of Unity. We should all put our shoulders to the wheel to complete the task. Once again, I welcome Acharya Ji in our midst and hope that he would be coming here again.


Shri Budhmal Shamsukha said that remembrance of the Lord and meeting a Master are rare opportunities that come in the way of few fortunate ones. But a meeting of two Saints had more merit for with that we gain both things, the sweet remembrance of the Lord and a meeting with Saints. Shri Shamsukha said that spirituality, which was cut off from the mainstream of life, would not survive and for that Unity is essential and Anuvrat is a sheet-anchor for Unity. The simple rules of conduct of Anuvrat express the spirituality in man, one may call them Anuvrat, the Ruhani Satsang or by any other name. The objectives of both Saints are the same viz., to bring peace to man, strengthen links of unity and raise the moral standards. And from this view-point I feel this meeting to be a very important event.


Muni Nathmal said “It is an auspicious occasion of the meeting of two saints. Who is a Saint and who is not? One who does not look to the skin or dress or speech of a person is a saint. He who sees them and does not see the reality within is not a saint. If you do not look to the skin there would be no colour bar, no racial discrimination. If you leave the clothes there would be no sects. What remains in spirituality, call it Ruhani Satsang,Anuvrat or any other name. This meeting of Acharya Tulsi and Sant Kirpal Singh Ji is a meeting of saints which is always an inner meeting where there is no duality.” The Muni continued, “So long as we have already split it, so much so that man is afraid of his fellowman. Events however are taking a new turn. There is a new trend towards unity, towards closing rifts. There is a new movement for ending artificial differences and boundaries. I feel that at this time, when the 25th Centenary of Lord Majavira is drawing near, this confluence of the two movements of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji and Acharya Tulsi will give more light to the world.


Mahasati Kanak Prabha, the head of nuns said that one cannot separate meaning from words or words from meaning they form parts of ones whole. Similarly is the case with Saints. They are all one. Today we witness the glorious spectacle of meeting of two saints. With all the progress in science and technology, man cannot have peace and happiness  unless his moral standard is raised, and for that one has to go to a saint.


Speech by Aharya Tulsi Ji


Acharya Tulsi said, “Shri Shamsukha sent me a message that it was important that I meet Sant Ji . so I walked all the way from Rajas than and Haryana to reach Delhi, and my entry in the Capital begins with my arrival at the Sawan Ashram. I have come here with the sole purpose of uniting mankind. Life consists of both differences and non-differences.  One cannot have pure difference or a state of perfect unity or non-difference. There will be differences should remain. But there should be an inner unity or non-difference at the inner level of soul. And it should expand to include all mankind into one wide sweep of unity. And the basis of that unity would be humanism. I have come here with this idea. Santji is already doing this work. It thought one plus one makes two, but when one joins the other in action it means eleven. From this point of view I find this meeting a thing of beauty of joy.


There is pollution in humanity today. That can be washed clean only when we have a background of spirituality. We have therefore to mould ourselves for spiritual  life. Anuvrat is only a preliminary step. Dr. Chopra has just informed us that Sant Ji gives initiation to a man only when he eschews use of flesh foods, eggs, wines and liquors, cigarettes and other intoxicants. This makes them all Anuvratis i.e., subscribers to the Anuvrat code. And after becoming Anuvratis they make further progress in the spiritual field. I am happy to find millions of readymade Anuvratis today without effort.


If we are to build a house we prepare a strong foundation for that. Anuvrat is the first step. We have now a twofold task, to initiate those who have taken the first step of conforming to the code of ethical life or Anuvrate into spirituality and to attract others to take the first step of Anuvrat – who have not so far taken it. I am glad to find that those who were non-vegetarians, smokers and drinkers from many generations are leaving all these bad habits. And I see peace and repose on their faces.”


Continuing the Acharya said, “I do not wish to get involved in politics. One should not get bogged in it. Here at Sawan Ashram I find not the faintest trait of politics. I am glad to find here an a atmosphere wholly to my liking. Sant Ji’s humility is proof of his high spiritual  attainments. He said to me, “I wish to learn from you.” I told him, “You have reached the goal. What have you to learn now?” “No, I have to learn much”, he said. This humility attracted me further.


Our brothers and sisters from abroad who have gathered here are also part of our chaturvidh or four-fold group entity, comprising of the Munis (holy men) the Nuns, and Shravaks and Shravikas i.e. followers, both male and female.


We should build the palace of humanism on the firm foundation of spirituality so that all differences end and unity prevails. I am drenched in love showered on me by my brothers and sisters here. The old ideals of love and non-violence propounded by Lord Mahavira can help us in these principles. In the end I repeat Sant Ji’s words that we are one and will remain one.


Shri Trilochan Singh Khanna, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji’s Representative in America, who manages the vast network of Ruhani Satsang there, welcomed Acharya Tulsi on behalf of the American initiates and spoke a few words in simple Hindustani that seemed to come from the very depths of heart. He said, “The scriptures say that by merit of Darshan (concentrating on the face) of a Master saint one is rid of all evil. God resides in the heart of a saint. Seeing a Master saint is seeing God himself. We should always pray that the protecting hand of the Master should always remain on our heads. The Master removes all our difficulties and unites us all in the bonds of brotherhood.”


Mr. Khanna said, “By the grace of Huzoor Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj there are about 250 centers of the Ruhani Satsang working in different parts of the world. The initiates in those far off land have Darshan of the Master in his radiant form while sitting there. This is the grace of the Master, the power of God working in him.