Rashtrapati Bhavan,

New Delhi – 110004.

February 1, 1974.




I am indeed glad to know that a conference on world unity organized by Manav Kendra of Sant Kirpal Singhji will be held at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, shortly.


Today more than ever before we need the perennial philosophy preached by the sages of India. Our ancients have looked upon the world as ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – whole world is one family. Science and technology have obliterated distances and the world has become a neighborhood. There is no room for narrow prejudices of caste, creed, race or color. We have to work in unison towards building a new world order where people can live in peace and harmony.


I offer my greetings to the delegates to the conference on world unity and send my best wishes for its success.




V.V. Giri.



                        *                      *                      *                      *                      *


Prime Minister House,

New Delhi.

January 23, 1974.





Our ancients spoke of mankind of one family. All great religions also have a vision of the brotherhood of man. In our own day, because of the growth of communications, millions have tangible proof of this truth and the astronauts have seen our earth from after as small globe in limitless space.


If the world is one and mankind is one, it is our duty to ensure that the narrower loyalties of race, nationality and religion, into which birth or choice divides people, are not allowed to militate against the common franchise of humanity.


My good wishes for the success of the world conference of the unity of man which is being held in Delhi.




(Indira Gandhi)







Office of the Chairman,

National Redemption Council,

The Castle,

OSU, Accra.

29th January, 1974.




I thank you most sincerely for your letter of January 18th, 1974. I have taken note of it and I believe that I will bring blessings on Ghanaians.


On the occasion of your 81st birthday, I take the opportunity to wish you, on my own behalf and on behalf of the Government and people of Ghana, long life and prosperity to enable you accomplish your mission on earth.


Long live Ruhani Satsang.


Long live Sant Kirpal Singh Maharajji.



Sincerely yours,


(Col. I.K. Acheampong)

Head of State and Chairman,

National Redemption Council.



                               *                             *                             *                             *                             *



Minister of Defense, India

New Delhi


Ministry of Defense,

November 28th, 1973.




The world presents the sad spectacle of divided house where man fights man. Conflicts bring immense hardship and suffering to the people. A change in heart is essential to put an end to this state of affairs. Emphasis on the essentials of all religions will go a long way to bring the people nearer.


I wish the organizers of the world conference for the unity of man all success.




(Jagjivan Ram)






Minister of Industrial development

And Science and Technology,

Government of India.


New Delhi,

24th January, 1974.




I am happy to learn that the Manav Kendra is organizing a world conference of unity of man on 4th February, 1974 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. I wish the conference all success and send my good wishes on this occasion.




(C. Subramaniam)



                               *                             *                             *                             *                             *



Minister of Health and Family Planning,

New Delhi.





World unity is no doubt vital for existence of man on this planet. I wish you and other organizers of this conference success.


With good wishes,




(Dr. Karan Singh)


                               *                             *                             *                             *                             *


Minister of Law and Justice

And Company Affairs


Ministry of Law and Justice

And company affairs,

New Delhi – 110001.

November 22, 1973.




I am glad to know that the Manav Kendra, Delhi is organizing a world conference for the unity of man in February, 1974, and that a Souvenir is going to be published on this occasion. I have pleasure in sending my best wishes for the success of the conference and the souvenir.




(H. R. Gokhale)


                               *                             *                             *                             *                             *


Ministry of Communications,



New Delhi-110001

December 21, 1973.




The unity of man is a common theme but it is difficult to achieve it. It is also an ideal; but as with all ideals, there is always a hiatus between the ideal and the practical or the desirable and the attainable. I trust the proposed world conference of unity of man will focus attention on the need to evolve a common forum to stress the essential oneness of human needs and aspirations for peace and development.




(Raj Bahadur)


                               *                             *                             *                             *                             *


Minister of State for communications,



New Delhi-110001,

January 29, 1974.




The theme, unity of man, may sound obvious. But there are several aggressive forces at work which will have to be tackled if the unity of man is to be reality.


I hope your conference will give the correct lead in this regard.




(Sher Singh)


                               *                             *                             *                             *                             *


Ministry of Defense Production,


New Delhi.

January 21st, 1974.






The world is divided into various nations and a wall thus exists separating man and man. It is true that unity of man cannot be built in a day but this first needs to be built up in the mind of man.


All the religions of the world have emphasized the unity of mankind yet this unity continues to remain a distant goal. The world conference for the unity of man organized by Manav Kendra is a step in the right direction.


My best wishes,




(Vidya Charan Shukla)

Minister of Defense Production


                               *                             *                             *                             *                             *


Minister of Information and Broadcasting,

New Delhi.




The minister of information and Broadcasting thanks you for your letter dated 16.11.1973, and is happy to learn that Manav Kendra is organizing a world conference of unity of man in February, 1974, and bringing out a souvenir also.


He sends his best wishes on the occasion.




(K.P. Ghatnekar)


                               *                             *                             *                             *                             *


Deputy Minister for Labor,

New Delhi.




I am glad to learn that Manav Kendra, in collaboration with many other social and religious associations, is organizing a world conference for unity of man.


History abound in cases where religions has unfortunately been misused to cause strife and bloodshed whereas true religion is based upon noble conceptions of man’s inheritant virtues. Even today most of the irreligious acts are performed in the name of religion. Man in the 20th century can very well boast of economic and political advancement, having attained almost all material pleasures of life, but moral values seem to have been corroded, social religion is only a way of communication with God and there is unity in almost all religions in advocating the basic moral principles. With all the economic and material development and rather because of it, what mankind requires today is sustenance and rejuvenation of moral principles. The ethical aspects of modern life have to be stressed if humanity is to be saved from the degeneration that the current trend will take it into. It is, therefore, bounden duty of all people, truly religious, to save mankind from narrow-minded religion and bring about understanding and harmony at the level of man. I am happy that this is the objective of the proposed conference. I, therefore, wish complete success to the organizers of the conference in the attainment of their objective.




(Balgovind Verma)


                               *                             *                             *                             *                             *


Raj Bhavan


December 4th, 1973.




A purposive and thorough study of human cultures and civilizations, cropping up in various parts of the globe, amply shows that there are wider zones of unity than diversity amongst the human beings of different communities and nationalities: The apparent differences are being perpetuated and amplified either through ignorance or by vested interest. The sole purpose of each and every philosophy and thought has been to remove poverty and agony from the earth and to bring about eternal peace to the suffering humanity. as regards the national barriers – Nations must come closer and should endeavor to do their best to feed the absolute humanity on earth in economic, social and cultural fields in the same manner as Taluq or a District feeds the state. I congratulate the Manav Kendra for organizing a ‘world conference of unity of man’ in February next and I send my best wishes for its success.




(Akbar Ali Khan)

Governor, U.P.


                               *                             *                             *                             *                             *


Raj Bhavan,


27th November, 1973.




I am glad to know that the Manav Kendra in collaboration with other social and religious organization is organizing ‘world conference for the unity of man’. I wish the conference success.




(K.K. Shah)

Governor of Tamilnadu,



                               *                             *                             *                             *                             *


Vidhana Soudha,


Dated 14th December, 1973




I am very happy to learn that the Manav Kendra, in collaboration with many other social and religious association of prominence, is organizing a world conference for the Unity of Man during the first week of February, 1974.


The objectives of the conference  are most praise-worthy in as much as they seek to promote peace on earth and goodwill among all men and also to evolve a synthesis of religion and science as they key to the understanding of the nature of the universe. I am glad that the conference  is open not only to votaries of religion but also to rationalist thinkers. As Charles Colton has so rightly observed: “Men will wrangle for religion, write for it, fight for it anything but live for it.” This is the root cause of the malaise afflicting contemporary society.


I extend my greeting to the organizers and participants and best wishes for the success of the conference 




(D. Dev raj Urs)

Chief Minister





Chief Minister Madhya Pradesh Bhopal

Dated 23 rd January, 1974



I have received your letter dated nil inviting message to the International conference  for world Unity, for which I thank you. I regret, it will not be possible for me to be present owing to pre-occupations. I wish the conference  all success.


With best wishes,


Yours Sincerely,



(P.C. Sethi)




Chief Minister of Rajastan






I am happy to know that Manav Kendra in collaboration with many other social and religious associations is organizing ‘world conference  for the Unity of Man in the first week of February, 1974 and a souvenir on this occasion will also be published. I hope a large number of delegates from all over India and abroad will participate in the said conference . this conference  will be able to highlight the essential unity of the basic moral principles contained in almost all religion, and the convention will go along headway to enable all mankind on the good service to fellowmen.


I send my good wishes for the success of the conference .




 (Harideo Joshi)





C. Achutha Menon

Chief Minister, Kerala


15th January, 1974.





I am happy to know that the world conference  of Unity of Man will be held at Delhi from 3rd to 6th February, 1974.


I send my good wishes.





(C. Achutha Menon)

Chief Minister






Minister of Commerce


New Delhi


January 23rd, 1974




It is gratifying to know that a world conference on the Unity of Man has been organized by “Manav Kendra” in a world divided by differences of class, creed, nationality and various other social, economic and political barriers, there is need for emphasizing the basic unity of all mankind. The concept of one world may sound like an anachronism in these days of international tensions, built it is a concept to which humanity has turned time and again in times of stress and world wide unrest.


I wish the conference  the success that it deserves.




(D.P. Chatoopadhyaya)





Ministry of Tourism & civil Aviation

New Delhi

6th December,  1973.




I am happy to know that the Manav Kendra in collaboration with many other social and religious organizations is holding a world conference  of Unity of Man in the month of February, 1974 to highlight the essential unity of the basic moral principles contained in almost all religions.


I am sure that the conference  will go along way in strengthening the moral, spiritual and religious values of mankind throughout the world and unite them on the common ground of service of fellowmen.


I wish it all success.




(Dr. Sarojini Mahishi)

Minister of Sate

Ministry of Tourism & civil Aviation




Chief Executive Councilor

Delhi Administration

Dated 23rd January, 1974




Our sages of the yore had for the first time said “Vasudha Kutambakam” (all the world is a family). The world was at no time in such urgent need of this mantra as today. Science has annihilated distances and consequently having increased and as a result of most destructive weapons at the hands of mankind, a future war is likely to wipe out the whole human race from the face of the earth. Obviously, the salvation of, therefore, lies in spiritual development and spiritualism without any differences of caste, creed, religion and country.


I am sure that world conference  of Unity of Man would definitely go a long way in binding the people of our Globe with silken bonds of human brotherhoods, love, kindness, and selfless service, I wish the conference  a grand success.




(Radha Raman)



Deputy Minister of Education &

Social Welfare


New Delhi

21st January, 1974





“I am glad to learn that in collaboration with a number of social and religious associations, the Manav Kendra, is organizing a world conference  for the Unity of Man in the first week of February, 1974.


I send my greetings and good wishes to all the participants and wish the conference all success.





(D.P. Yadav)

Deputy Minister

British High Commission

New Delhi, India

2nd  January, 1974




Thank you for your letter IWCU/1069 of 16 December, 1973, to sir Terence Garvey, about the inter religious convention, for the Unity of Man to be held in February. Sir Terence Gravey has left India on transfer as ambassador in Moscow.


You may already have written to members of the Christian Clergy in Delhi about the convention. I think they are in a better position than any others to propose the names of participants and would suggest that you seek their further advice. Members of this mission may like attend the convention and trust that you will not mind if I draw attention to it as a matter of personal choice.


I personally have full sympathy with the objective of enriching our through about world problems and human relationship by applying to them the values which have motivated and sustained religions. I send my best wishes for the success of the convention.



Yours sincerely


P J E Male

Spanish Embassy

New Delhi - 11

28th December, 1973




Thank you very much for you letter of the 16th December, 1973 informing that an ‘inter religious world convention for the Unity of Man’ will be held at Ramlila Grounds, Delhi form the 3rd to the 6th February, 1974, for which you have extended an invitation to me and to the religious and social leaders of my country to attend the same.


I will pass on your invitation to the interested circles in spain, though I am afraid it is rather late for them to decide to participate in it view of the great distance and expensive journey from spain to India.


As regards myself, I am sorry to tell you that I will not be in Delhi during the period of the conference  owing to a previous engagements out of station. Nevertheless, I wish your convention all success.


Wishing you a very happy new year,


Yours sincerely


Ambassador of Spain

New Zealand High Commission

39, Golf Links

New Delhi - 110003

27th December, 1973





Thank you thank you for your letter IWCU/1065 of 16 December, 1973, informing me that the world conference  of Unity of Man will be held from 3 to 6 February, 1974.


It is regretted that I shall be unable to take a part in the conference  owing to a very full program at the beginning of February.


I should like to take this opportunity to wish you every success for the occasion.


Yours faithfully,


(R.R. Cunninghame)

High Commissioner

Ambassade De


ND. 20/4497

New Delhi, 18th January, 1974




Dear sir,


This is to acknowledge with thanks receipt of your letter of 16th December together with the folder on the forthcoming inter religious world convention, which I read with mush interest. I would like to attend the function if I can find the time to do so.


I heartily reciprocate  your good wishes for the New Year.



Yours sincerely



Ambassador of Belgium.


High Commissioner for the

People’s of Bangladesh

New Delhi




I am exceedingly pleased to learn that the Manav Kendra , in collaborations with some other social religious organization in India and abroad, has undertaken to organize in Delhi and Inter Religious Convention for the unity of man. I have no word to express my gratification on so noble a venture. At a time when the entire world has taken a drift to extreme materialism, when humanity as a whole has fallen prey to the resultant ills of that extremism and when morals and values handed into man from generation to generation, through centuries, have suffered a serious setback, how well timed and how befitting it is that the Manav Kendra should take initiates to organize a world conference to hammer on the basic integrity of rather disintegrated mankind of today. It is also very much in fitness of things that India, the land of Mahavira and Buddha, Rama and Krishna, Khwaja Moinuddin and Baba Farid, Kabir and  nanak, Chaitanya and paramehansha, should offer the venue for such self realization by man when humanity itself is faced with a challenge all around.




(A.R. Mallick)



Dr. A.S. Khalon

Dean College of Basic Sciences &humanities

Punjab Agricultural college, Ludhiana





I would like to congratulate you for organizing such a conference  of the Unity of Man. I do this for the simple reason that even the developed countries, which have secured very high levels of income through a marriage of science and technology, have started realizing that the value system of their society will ultimately determine how rich the culture of their country is. At least in the Indian situation, I have no doubt in my mind that our greatest loss is not just low agricultural situation, I have no doubt in my mind that our greatest loss is not just low agricultural production stone of any production but the loss of human values which are the foundation stone of any progressive and liberal society. I hope your conference  will serve the purpose of enthusing a core of such persons who would carry the message of this conference  to all corners of the country.


With regards,



Yours sincerely


(A.S. Kahlon)



Thekchen Choeling

Dharamsala Cantt.

January 23, 1974





Dear Reverend Sand Kirpal Singh Ji,


His holiness has much admiration for the noble work that you are under taking and extends his blessing and prayers for the success of the world conference  of Unity of Man.


With best wishes,



Yours sincerely


(Tanzin Gayche)



Office of H.H. Dalai Lama





I am extremely delighted to learn about the forthcoming conference  for Unity of Man at Delhi.


It is of great importance to draw the attention of all the participants in the conference about the present secular nature of political and constitutional basis of Bangladesh. Secularism primarily intends at seperation of institutional religions from the state and as such it not only implies neutrality of state before all religions and equality of all religions before law, but also inherently signifies full freedom to preach and practice any religion with liberty to criticize any religion and also to refrain from being a member of any religious community including the right to hold and propagate a sceptic and agnostic view on life. If the aforesaid proposition is accepted as basis of all religious teachings and motivations humanity can come together earlier much nearer. Let secular India as the land of all faiths with a tradition of religious tolerance and synthes is kindle the light for a new brave world.


I wish the conference  great success.




(Syed Muhammad Hussain)

Senior Advocate in Supreme Court

And President of Bangladesh Branch.

World Association of world federalists

Amnestry international

International league and parliament Asson.

Etc. etc.


Sikh Dharma Brotherhood

Western Hemisphere

1620, Preuss Road

Los Angeles, California 90035


January 18, 1974





“Ancient, ancient , an cient –saturated with deep wisdom for the man is mother India which has led always in bringing unity, peace, tranquility and grace to the heart of man.


The land of India contains the wisdom of ages given by its sages and this technology is previous and priceless.


Today, as a leader in wisdom of the technology of consciousness, India is giving to the mankind experience in the realm of infinity through this great saga of the Unity of Man oneness of mankind happening now as a pointer toward the peaceful future on earth.


On behalf of the youth of America and on my personal behalf, I congradulate sant Kirpal Singh Ji for kindling the torch of human unity on the basis of the oneness of the soul and the sound vibration of common existence: the love, the God.


May the light of God guide him and the grace of Guru inspire him for this righteous cause.


In the name of the cosmos which prevails through every BODY and the Holy Naam that holds the world.





(Yogi Bhajan)

Siri Singh Sahib

Sikh Dharma Brotherhood

Los Angeles, California. USA





How I wish I could attend the world conference  of Unity of Man. As a former secretary General, and present parliamentary adviser of the world Association of world Federalists, it is not hard to imagine how near to my heart must be the aims of the conference.


I believe that the religions of the world have so much in common that every step towards unity of action means for me a step towards the brotherhood of man. This would be made effective by the disarmament of “sovereign” states, the establishment of a common government of man, and the keeping of the world peace by world authority, leaving the nations to develop their own distinctive characteristics without the fear of world upheaval. May the conference  lead appreciable to this goal.




(E.L. Mallaieu, QC, MP)



Parliamentary adviser,

World association of the world Federalists. 





My Dear Reverend Sand Kirpal Singh Ji,


I thank you for your letter asking for my cooperation.

I am always at your disposal in the cause of unity of religions.


By the grace of God you are doing very noble work in arranging a conference  for the unity of mankind.



Yours sincerely


Raja Mahendra Pratap

3-2-2 Chome, Jsuruma,

Yamato shi, Japan, 243

Dec. 27, 1973





I heartily wish the world conference  of Unity of Man a success. God bless all of you. man wants and needs the happiness blessed by God. But the mankind’s history is, in a sense, the history of war. The only means of rooting out war consists of pure mutual love and confidence.


Man must recognize how much the life and soul is valuable. We should worship our own sacredness in us with folded spiritual hands one another. Love for humanity has no frontier. The problem of poverty may be settled by clean politics. The hatred feeling in man, however cannot be eradicated by it. Only just religion can lead to settle it.


Truth, is one, but every where. God is God. We, Japanese look at beautiful Mt. Fuki as the incarnation of God soul, not as the lump of basalt and glavels.


To climb Mt. Fuji the climber are quite free to choose which starting point to climb, to reach the holy top. Any quarrel cannot be found about it.


Nothing is more miserable than fighting of war caused by religious quarrel. People must be harmony to live, mush more religious enthusiaste. We must devote ourselves to prevent the destruction of mankind, and to establish the eternal world peace.


I do hope your conference  held in February, 1974 will bring it to the world as well as Asia.



Yours sincerely


Chisema Nishimura

3-2-2 Tsuruma, Yamato Shi,

Kanagawa ken, Japan,

Representative of Raja Pratap’s

World Federation Center for Japan.

National spiritual Assembly of the Bahais of India

Bahai’s House

6, Canning Road

New Delhi-1






Once again I received your letter with printed letter and the proposed program of the conference  that is being organized by you.


I am  sorry that you put my name as one of the signatories and that too wrongly because Bhaha is not any sect but is now recognize as a world faith in almost all the countries of the world. You should have at least consulted or contacted me before putting my name as one of the signatories.


As I wrote to you earlier, in case you want the representative of the Baha faith to participate in the conference , please let me know if you would like to have one of the speakers on Unity of Man as explained by the founder of the Bahai faith.


In case you are bringing out any further circular or printing any leaflet and if you include my name, kindly see that it is put under BAHAL FAITH.


Thanking you,



Yours sincerely


(R.N. Shah)




Sir Adrian C. Boult

38, Wigmore Street

London, WIH 9DF.





Of course I am happy to support your conference , and send all good wishes the world needs every possible elements towards better understanding and better feeling.



Yours sincerely


(Adrian C Boult.)


The world fellowship of Buddhists

33, Sukhumvit Road

Bangkok-11, Thailand

Telephone 511188-90





Dear Friends in the Dhamma,


We refer to you letter dated 17th November, 1973 and would like convey hereby our Princess President regret in not being able to attend the forthcoming convention due to the fact we are also planning in February a seminar in Bangkok under the theme of the Buddhist higher Education. This will certainly keep her bust both before and after the abovementioned theme.


But the purpose of our convention is highly commendable and it has gained our full sympathy. We are sure, it is going to be a memorable occasion not only for the participants but also others who sincerely wish for, as the conference implies, “the Unity of Man’.


So you can be sure the will enjoy our wholehearted support even though our president is forced to absent herself from it however, in spite of this fact, or perhaps because of this fact, we have become more interested in giving you whatever support is possible. And in this regard we would like you to contact our regional center at the following address:


WFB. Regional Centre,

Asoka Mission,

P.O. Mehrauli, New Delhi-30.


This is so that they will authorize their delegates to attend the function on our behalf.


But above all, we should like also to hear more from you about the forthcoming convention. We hope, therefore, that you will provide us with more, information and development along with the some relevant photos so that we, and also others of our friends of the dhamma, enjoy and appreciates your attempts as well, in the meantime, we have passed on your circular to the editor of our REVIEW, Who will find room for its inclusion in the pages of his journal. With more information from you, we shall be very willing to let the world know of your noble undertaking.


Looking forward to hearing from you again,


Yours in the Dhamma,


(Aiem Sankhavasi)

Hony. Secretary General.



The Infinite Universe



The heavenly bodies, nebular and solar systems, galaxies, visible and invisible spheres and planets, are all created by the supreme will of the almighty Lord, and continue their pre ordained revolutions with infinite regularity and precision.


If we write a long figure on a ribbon many kilometers long, and take each unit of this figure as one million years. It will not suffice to reach back to the “begnningless beginning” of existence. If we go into the reverse and take the same figure backwards, it will not suffice to imagine the ‘endless end’ of eternity. Now, reduces the life maximum lifetime of human beings with these unlimited figures; this reduces the life cycle of humanity to less than the time interval needed for a spark to ignite, flash and disappear.


The binding force is love, which is also the maker and the creator and sustains all. It is through love that we can find unity.


Major General M.Maz hari of Iram







House of Commons

London Swia Oaa

Deputy Chairman of Ways & Means


21st January, 1974





How wonderful it would be if I were able to come to the world conference  of Unity of Man. I am afraid however I am quite unable to leave this country indeed I have been ever since I became Deputy Speaker.





(B.L. Mallaieu, OC. MP.)



Our HELP cometh from the LORD –


We are all GODS CHILDREN, sons and daughters of the LORDS walking on EARTH –each having a MOSSION to fulfill.


Let us have deep faith trust in him

He will honor us with his infinite love and wisdom

And will grant us happiness and peace of mind.

Let us read the holy scriptures with an open mind

The Bible is Gods word –written by inspired men

It is the greatest, most valuable book ever produced.

It contains light to direct us

It contains comfort to console us

It contains food to sustain us

It contains knowledge to teach us

It is verily a guidebook to save us

Read it frequently and prayerfully

Let its holy doctrines and precepts become part of your own life.


Only them can all things work together for the utmost good of all mankind.


By thus placing yourself into the hands of the most high and accepting his infinite love and wisdom his strength and his Power there can be establish a new and  better world to bring along lasting peace on earth and brotherhood of man.


Let us, therefore begin now right now to proclaim and do that which is right in the eyes of the Lord


Become a vessel of service for our creator


It does not matter, where you worship him, whether in a church, tabernacle, synagogue or temple.


As you let God take charge of your life you will be led into the right path and will soon became an example for others, the link that will start a chain reaction in your fellowmen for the good.


Dr. Ingrid Sherman


He that is one from beginning to end, he is my Guru



Concept of the Manifest Master


Sadho so satgur mohi bhawai


O brother, my heart yearns for that true Guru, who fills the cup of true love, and drink of it himself, and offer it then to me.


He removes the veil from the eyes, and gives the true vision of Brahma.

He reveals the worlds in him, and makes me to hear the unstruck music:

He shows joy and sorrow to be one:


Kabir says: “verily has no fear, who has such a Guru to lead him to a shelter of safety.”



Satgur soi daya kar din


It is the mercy of my true Guru that has made to know the unknown


I have learned from Him how to walk without feet, to see without eyes, to hear without ears, to drink without mouth, to fly without wings;


I have brought my love tasted of the sweetness of the nectar; and without whom that joy can be uttered?


Kabir says: ‘the Guru is great beyond words, and great is the good fortune of the disciple.’




Bhai re koi satgur sant kahawai


He is the real Sadhu, who can reveal the form of the formless to the vision of these eyes:


Who reaches the simple way of attempting Him, that is other than rites or ceremonies:


Who does not make you close the doors, and hold that breath, and renounce the world:


Who makes you perceive the supreme spirit of union in the midst of all enjoyments.


The infinite dwelling of the infinite being is everywhere: in each, water, sky, and air:


Firm as the thunderbolt, the seat of the seekers is established above the void.

He who is within is without: I see Him and none else.



Translated by Rabindra Nath Tagore

(Hundred poems by Kabir)