The Master’s Six Word Message


A significant feature of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration to commemorate the completion of 75 years of sojourn of earth of His Holiness Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj  - President, world fellowship of Religions and the Founder Head of the Ruhani Satsang, Sawan Ashram, Delhi, a non-denominational, spiritual institution with 180 branches in different countries of the world, is, that the function does not end with the presentation of welcome address to Sant Ji but marks the beginning of a whole year of intense coordinated efforts throughout the country for the cause of national integration, inter-religious communication and harmony for which he has been working all his life.


Six Word Message


Sant Kirpal Singh, who has thousands of initiates in India, Pakistan, Germany, Greece Austria, France, Africa, France, Africa, Britain, Ireland, united states, Latin American countries, and Australia, Malaya, Korea and other countries of the eastern hemisphere has sent to his followers a six word message which aptly sums up his life’s work and teachings. The message which, like his books and talks, has been translated into French, German, Latin and other languages of the world in English reads, “Be good, do good be one”. The whole mass of spiritual literature consisting of more than a dozen books, numerous pamphlet, published and recorded discourses and talks by the Master, is summarized in these simple words. “Be good” sums up his dictum that “Ethical life is stepping-stone to spirituality” and show the great stress he lays on righteous living. The second part of the message lays down the cannon of social life, man’s behaviour with the fellow man and his responsibilities towards the society epitomized by the universal tenet: ‘Love thy neigh our as thyself’. The third part, “Be one” represents the very life and soul of the Master’s mission of national and international integration reflected in is ceaseless striving to bring men of different religious persuasion on one common platform of spirituality and bringing home the basic truth of brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God to all mankind. “We are one as man body and soul and are children’s of the same Father” he says, adding, “Unity is already there, but we have forgotten it”.


Spiritual Revolution


A simple unassuming person, clad in the simple attire of his native land (he  did not take to western dress during his tenure of high office of Deputy Assistant Controller of Military Accounts or on his two words tours), Sant Ji has brought about a silent revolution throughout the world and changed the trend of practice and preaching of institutionalized religions. The conferment of the orders of the  Grand Commander of the Sovereign order of St. John, Knights of Malta in 1962, (Which hit the headlines in the Indian Press) was a unique event in the history of religion. The thousand year old Order of the Knight Templars who led the wars of the crusade had to change their hoary constitution to present the Order of chivalry to non-Christian, thus recognizing the fact that a non-Christian could also be acclaimed as defender of faith. The acceptance of this Order by Sant Ji despite the misgiving of some people brought ample dividends in his second world tour in 1965 in as much as it opened the doors of churches of all denominations of Christianity to him and he left and indelible stamp on theologians and church leaders as also leaders of public opinion in the west. During that tour he had an audience with His Holiness the Pope which led to some historic development. The pope later laid down the new policy of establishing contact and communication with the non-Christian religions and openly recognized the fact that Religion and Theism was not the monopoly of Christians; the same truth was enshrine in other religions also.


The philosophical base of integration was provided by ‘Guru mat Siddhant’ a magnum opus of spirituality written by Santji under the  direction of his Master, Hazoor Baba Sawan Singhji Maharaj. The 2000 page book, which contains a synthesis of the basis truths of different religions was published in 1935. It contained a significant prophecy that the religion of the new age would be a synthesis of the verities of all religions. The man who made the prophecy has worked with untiring zeal for and seen the fulfillment of that prophesy in the time of his life. During the eventful, action-packed two decades of his ministry he was revolutioned religious thought.


Through books, discourses, mass meditation sittings, voluminous Correspondence, tours in India and abroad and International inter-religious gathering he has reached all levels of society and brought about a welcome transformation in all spheres of human thought and endeavor.


H.C. Chadda,

Editor Sat Sandesh,

Ruhani Satsang, Sawan Ashram