What is Ruhani Satsang?

It is the Science of the  soul - the inner self of man. It is a Science of practical Self-analysis, through which  self-knowledge and God-knowledge are know through the Grace of God and Living Master. Despite intellectual attainments, wisdom, and knowledge, success in this field is never achieved by man’s unaided efforts. In short, God and God-way are made manifest by the Light of the God-man which guides the seeker after God and help him to rediscover God within himself.


Literally, Ruhani Satsang means spiritual gathering – a center for imparting purely spiritual teaching to all mankind.


His Holiness Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj, the present living Master, Founder and Director of Ruhani Satsang says:


“My Master, Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, a perfect Saint ever had the desire to form a common forum or platform – Ruhani Satsang – at which all person even though professing different faiths and beliefs, would be given the Principles of Spirituality and encouraged to practice spiritual discipline, and so gain salvation and peace, both here and hereafter.”


“The Perfect Masters bring from God to His children the message of spiritual emancipation – Hope, redemption and Fulfillment, such Blessed brings are children of Light and come into the world to diffuse Light amongst suffering humanity.”


Aims and Objectives


1.                   To Ingrain in Seeker After Truth –

(a)                            The true values of life; the everlasting and unchanging of nature of the soul in the eve-changing panorama of life.

 To realize:’ That which is born of the flesh is flesh; that which is born of spirit is spirit’.

(John 3:16)


(b)                            The higher values of life; the Greatness of God; the need of humility, chastity, abstinence, continence, and loving selfless service to humanity.

(c)                            The Expansion of self. In loving all living creatures, as well as our fellow beings as children of the same Supreme Father, the self is expanded to embrace the family, the community, the nation, and all humanity, so as to include the entire universe and become a citizen of the world with a cosmopolitan outlook deserving of God’s Grace.


‘He that loveth not Knoweth not God, for God is Love.’




II.                                                                            To impart the knowledge of the science of the soul


Eternal truth is the same in all religions. It has been variously described by the sages according to their individual spiritual advancement. A living Master, being a perfect Master, and fully conversant with all aspects of traversing of the Path of the Masters, can explain the seeming differences.


The  testimony of a living Master is always based on first-hand experience and never on hearsay or through books. The saints say:


O’ Pandit (one well-versed in religious learning’s), you and I cannot possibly agree in our conclusion for you speak of things as you have read in the sacred texts while I speak from actual positive experience of my own.’


III.                                                                         Practice of spiritual Discipline


The absolute Truth is imageless and Power of Truth or God - in – action is a vibratory force pervading everywhere. Its primal manifestations come in the form of Light and Sound. It is for the Master-saint to give this experience and help the soul to rise above the sensory (physical) plane. The scriptures tell us not to put faith in the words of a Master-saint unless. He is able to give us the actual inner experience to support His word. An open mind and receptivity are needed to complete the initial experiment. Once the first contact is established on the super sensual plane, under the guidance and help of the Master, the initiates can develop to any extent he chooses.


The external sound principle is referred to in the

Holy Granth Sahib as Naam or Shabd;

Vedas as Shruti (That which is heard);

Upanishads as Udgit ( The sound of the beyond);

Rishis as Akash Bani or Nad (Voice from the sky);

Christ’s Gospel as ‘Word’

Al-Quran as Kalma or Kalam-Kirpal Singh Ji-Kadim ( the most ancient call);

Zoroaster’s Philosophy as Surosha;

Theosophy as voice of silence; and other ancient Teaching as ‘Music of the spheres’.



IV.                                                                       Experience Death in life and New Birth at Will in Conquering Man’s Last Enemy – Death


Contact with the Divine Link is made when soul rises above body-consciousness (plane of the senses) and comes into its own on super-sensual plane, here one:


‘Sees, without eyes, hear without ears, walks without feet, acts without hands, speaks without tongue, O, Nanak – it is by death in life that one understand s the Divine Will and stands face to face with Reality.’


In other words, an embodied soul has to disembody itself from the senses, the mind, and vital airs, all of which are too gross to contact the Truth. The soul then becomes pure to come into contact with the Master-Power – which is so subtle and rarified. Therefore, Guru Nanak says: “Unless one rises to the level of God, one cannot know of God.”


The soul as it rises above body-consciousness shines forth in pristine purity, comes into cosmic awareness and feels itself a conscious co-worker in the Divine Plan.


This efflorescence of the microcosm into macrocosm is called second Birth – Birth of the spirit as distinguished from the birth of the flesh. ‘Expect a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God’. As the process of soul withdrawal is akin to actual death, the Initiate gains a victory over death, the last enemy of mankind. The daily dying at will takes away the sting of death. Scriptures of all religion refer to death in life. ‘Death of which the people are so terribly afraid is a source of peace and joy unto me’ . . ..  Kabir.


‘So long as a person does not transcend the sensual plane he remains an utter stranger to the life divine . . . . Maulana Rumi’.


‘I die daily’ . . . . ..  St. Paul.


‘These truths indicate an ultimate victory of the spirit over the flesh . . . . . a true resurrection or a complete change over from one life to another.


V.                                                                               Realizing the kingdom of God within


The kingdom of God is not something outside of us. Its beauty and glory lies within the human soul and it is the culminating point of the spiritual journey to which initiate is led by the Radiant Form of the Master. It is said: ‘The kingdom of God cometh not with observations; the Kingdom of God is within you’.


‘The power of Word’ liquidates the process of karmic reactions (Cause and Effect, good and Evil), supported by the Power of God as manifested through the Grace of the Master, the spirit forges ahead unhampered to true Reality. The state of blissful beatitude is spoken of as:


‘Such Khan (The immortal plane);

Mukam-I-Haq (The abode of Truth);

New Jerusalem (where the  Christ Power appears once again).




VI.                                                                          Ending One’s Quest for a True Master


A living perfect Master is the be-all and end-all on the spiritual path. He is the greatest Gift of God  and the Greatest Blessing for Mankind. All scriptures sing praises of the Master of truth holding a commission from above to help those souls that truly year for God.


‘Without a Perfect Master none can reach God, no matter if he has his merits a million fold’ . . . .. . . . . . .  Holy Granth.


‘It is a fundamental law of God that none can even think of Him without the aid of a Master Soul’ . . . . .  . . .Holy Granth.


‘The True Master is Master indeed  . . . . . . . . . . . . . Master in every phase of life.’


‘A Guru or Master on the physical plane where He imparts spiritual teachings as any other teacher would do, shares our joys and sorrows, and helps us at every step in our daily trials and tribulations.’


‘A Guru Dev or Radiant Form of the Master that guides the soul on Astral and Causal Planes.


‘A Satguru or the Veritable Master of Truth itself in the Great Beyond.’


The importance and necessity of a competent Master therefore cannot be over-emphasized.



VII.                                                                    Spiritual Meditation

The most natural and ancient form of meditation is followed. As it can be practiced with equal ease by the young and old alike, and is harmless, it is called Sehaj Yog (Easy Path).


The moment the Master takes charge of the spirit, He guides it both directly and indirectly, visibly and invisibly on this earth and beyond, in life and after life never leaving it until the final goal is reached.


To meet a Master-Saint and get initiation is the acme of good fortune and the greatest blessing on earth. The Master-Saint holds the key to the Kingdom of God.


As Master is the greatest gift of God, so is God the Greatest Gift of the Living Master, for through His grace, one can have union with God. The scriptures confirm this:


I’ and my Father are one. No man knoweth the Son but the Father, neither knoweth any man the Father save the Son and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal Him’  . .  . . . . .Bible.





Willingness to cultivate and practice the following five cardinal virtues:


1.        Non-injury to Others,

2.        Truthfulness,

3.        Chastity,

4.        Love for All,

5.        Selfless Service.


And the following three purities:


1.        Diet – Pure vegetarian: No meat, fish, fowl egg (both fertile and unfertile) or by –products thereof; and alcoholic drinks and narcotics prohibited.

2.        Livelihood- an honest living.

3.        Right conduct,


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