Mira the divine Lover

1) Firm Resolve 

Mira is resolved to remain in the company of the Saints. Wealth, reputation and the comfort of the world she has renounced in order to obtain the blessing of devine love. *Holy names given by the Master in time of initation.

Barji mein kãhu ki nãhi rahun

Let people try to testain me,
O friend, I will not be stopped.
I will remain in the Saints company
And gain the bliss of the Lordīs love.
I will not bother with the world;
If all my wealth goes, let it go;
Even if my head be served
I will not complain.
My mind is absorbed in *Simran;
I meet all censure with cheer.
Miraīs Lord, Thou everlasting One,
Grant me the shelter
Of my Masterīs feet.


Mira the divine Lover

2) Be Steadfast

Mira calls upon all devotees to be steadfast in they devotion and persist on they spiritual practice. Through the example of a warrior who, equipped with armor, shield and weapons. Valiantly wages war with a determination to win. Mira points out the qualities that the devotees should inculcate within themselfs. They strenght is they Master, they shield is the Masterīs hand of protection and they sword is the Masterīs grace. With faith in the Master (Naam) they should continue they meditation until the object is attained. *Bhajan is the practice of the holy sound current.

Lag rahnã lag rahnã Hari *bhajan mein

Engage in the Lordīs devotion;
Persist in your meditation;
Be steadfast.

Far is the abode of the Lord,
Like the fruit of the date-palm tree.
He who climbs and reaches the top,
Tastes the sweet fruit of love.
Who slip and fall.
Why don the armor?
Why seek the safety of a shield?
He is the true warrior who,
Unarmed, charges with all his might;
For the Master is his armor and his shield.

With the poniard of Knowledge,
With the Masterīs grace as the scimitar,
And with the lance of detachment,
Take to the field, wage the war;
Never will you face defeat.

Remenber, your body is but fragile,
Composed of flesh, bones and nerves,
And endowed with ten senses.
Miraīs Lord alone is everlasting;
To Him she is firmly tied
By the delicate twine of love.