. for love is the fulfillment of the law. The heart of a devotee feels the responsibility of his own existence in this world. As long as we are not of some use in this world, we will be but a cause of sighs to others. In order to change this, to console the downhearted, and to lighten the darkness of distress with rays of light, let us serve one another. Let us be a source of happiness and solace by loving service which comes from the heart.


The more we serve, the more we will benefit from the gift of happiness within given by him, the Lord, our Master.


The value of our service depends on our devotion alone, that is, on how much we, by serving, achieve to forget our little I.


Service is also a wonderful way to meditation. The more we learn to forget ourselves, our sorrows and troubles, by doing our work and turning ourselves to his creation, the more this will be a helping factor for our meditation.


So let us love one another, and remove all impediments, which would stand in our way. The more we are successful in this, the greater will be his love for us. For everything that stands in the way between me and my fellow beings also stands between him and me.