JULY 27, 1972, is the 114th anniversary of the birth of Baba Swan Singh Ji, the Guru of the present living Master Kirpal Singh Ji and one of the most powerful personalities ever to walk the earth. During his mastership which lasted for forty five years (from 1903 to 1948), the number of disciples following this path increased fifty times from three thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand; and the world wide distribution of Naam, which has continued at an unprecedented pace during the ministry of the present Master, began.


The heritage of Hazur (as Baba Sawan Singh was called by his disciples) lives on in several ways. There are many people still living who were his disciples, and they of course can contact him within and talk to him on the inner planes. Many of the people most prominent in the living Master work, at sawan Ashram and elsewhere, are initiates of Hazur, and many others ( such as Bibi Lajo, Hazur’s housekeeper and right-hand lady) come regularly to the present Master for Darshan. B.S. Gyani Ji and Sardar Dalip Singh, the superintendent and treasurer, respectively, at Sawan Ashran; Bhandra Sena, the Editor Emeritus of SAT SANDESH; Radha Krishna Khanna, prominent attorney and author of the books TRUTH ETERNAL AND THE SAINT AND HIS MASTER; the music Master pratap Singh ji, the Master pothi; the members of Masters immediate family, including his son Darshan and many others who are currently very active on the living Masters behalf were initiated by Hazur. In the west, Mr. And Mrs. T.S. Khanna, Mrs. Dona Kelly, Mr. And Mr. sharma, and the late Dr. H.M. Brock (Hazurs first American Representative for thirty five years), all of whom are or have been very active in the living Masters work, are all disciples of Hazur.


Foremost among these dear ones is bibi hardevi, affectionately known as taiji, the widow of Raja Ram, a well known Rawalpindi businessman, it was to her that Baba Sawan Singh assigned the enormous task of looking after the present Master physical welfare. It is the interesting that as far back as 1932, Taiji’s spiritual stature and development were generally known among sawan Singh disciple. The American author, Dr. Julian Johnson, writing in that year in his book with a great Master in India, describes her as follows:


“on another occasion a group of disciple sat on the roof and we listened  to stories of many kind deeds of the Master in helping students. . . . . one account was of a lady kind deeds of the Master in helping students . . . . . one account was of a lady who went totally blind. The doctors had given her case over entirely, saying that she would never recover sight; for the optic nerve was gone. She and her husband were both devoted disciples of the Master and their love was extraordinary. They had advanced far on the path. So on one occasion when this lady was traversing one of the upper regions in company with the Master and a few others, another radiant one walking with them, said to the Master in the hearing of the lady herself: ‘this lady is quite worthy, you should restore her sight.’ The Master instantly replied: ‘all right.’ And on the morning of the second day thereafter the lady’s husband came into the  room where she was sitting, and as she looked up to him her sight was perfectly normal. While this story was being related to the writer, the lady herself sat there before him, with large clear and beautiful eyes smiling at him confirming every word of it. She is the wife of Raja Ram, of Rawalpindi, a well known businessman.”


“The Master, with his secretary, Rai Sahib, went to his rooms in the remple, while the rest of our party were comfortably quartered in the home of Raja Ram and his wife. Here is a couple one would go a long way to meet. Although he is a wealthy man, he is one of the humblest and most unassuming of men. His wife is like wise humble, gracious, kind and very spiritual, beside  being a beautiful woman. This is the lady whose sight was suddenly restored after several doctors had declared that she could never see again. They are both unusually devoted satsangis, and their Love for the Master is an inspiration to us all.”


Of course, Hazur heritage lives on in its entirety and fullness in the person of the living Master Kirpal Singh. Even that statement is incorrect; it is not Hazur heritage that lives on in the present Master, but Hazur himself. Not only is this obvious through inner experience and the common sense observation of the Master everyday life, it is verifiable through the thousands of disciple (including the present writer) who have watched the living Master face and form literally change into that of his Master on many different occasions. It is Hazur way of demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the living Master –there is no difference between them.


Hazur was the first modern Master in that he was the first to restate the ancient truth in terms understandable and acceptable to a scientifically oriented age. The letter printed here, taken from the book spiritual gems, is one of the most powerful expositions of the path of the Master as an inner science ever written. In its careful and painstaking insistence on the necessity of converting theory into facts of personal experience, and its refusal to be sidetracked into useless but entertaining theoretical discussion, it illustrates another facet of Hazur heritage –the groundwork that he laid for the tremendous mission of the present Master with his continual insistence on the need for personal, firsthand inner experience, and of really doing it –the one thing we are most reluctant to do.