Satsangs - Scripts

A - E

A Matter of Death and Life 12.04.1970
A Seed has been sown 23.02.1971
Are you even half a Desciple
Become his Channel 09.09.1970
Before the Year runs out 28.12.1967
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit 09/1967
By Love, serve one another 06.06.1967
Celebrate a true Birthday
Change your habits now 02/1971
Chapter X  
Chastity and Forgiveness
Come back, my Children 17.10.1972
Five Dacoits Are Looting While Man Slumbers 11/1973
Decide your Aim in Life 01.07.1974
Is your Destiny awakend
The Destiny of a Gurumukh 07/1971
Develop all around 18.12.1970
Don't bend your Elbows 25.09.1972
Don't think evil of others
Don't you want to go home 1972
Dyed in the Color of God 09/1963
Ek Onkar, Ashabd, Anaam 02/1969
Ends and Means 22.11.1956
Enter at the strait Gate 07/1974
The esoteric Side of Religion 29.10.1963
The Essence of Religion