Before the Year Runs Out
December 28, 1967

      DEAR SOULS: Before the year runs out, I would like all the children of light to manifest that light in abundance, and take care that it is not darkened through any default. You have had an experience of this light, the light of God; the light that never is on sea or land, but burns day and night, unquenchably, in the human breast. Let this light be a lamp unto your feet, and serve as a beacon light and signal fire to the world-weary traveler trudging on the sands of time in search of a haven of peace. All of you must know that you have voluntarily and joyously taken upon yourself a great trust and responsibility--an obligation which you have to discharge under the Law of Divine Dispensation, and it is your proud privilege and a sacred duty to serve the great Cause which is so very dear to the Master.

      All the Initiates of the Master, wherever they be--in the East or in the West form one great family of the Master and as such are equally dear to me, and nothing will give me greater pleasure than to see you all living in loving peace and harmony as His children, serving one another with love in your hearts. Love is the highest and the greatest attribute of God, and all other virtues flow on their own from it.

      All of you have been put on the Godway, which of course is the same. It is now for you to hasten the advent of the Master within you, and thereby complete your Guru-bhakti, or single-hearted devotion to Him. The proof of this you can experience within you as the self-luminous form of the Master appears, stays with you, talks to you face to face, and helps you within by instruction and experience, in the same way as he does without: Behold! I stand at the door and knock, and if any man hear my voice, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. From here begins Naam-bhakti, or devotion to the Holy Word, and it is the Master's job to make you proficient in it, and lead you to perfection and make you perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.

      Thus you see you have all been put on the Path leading to God. The proof of the pudding, however, lies in tasting it. The more you will taste of the Truth in you, the more your life in a work-a-day world will reflect the Light of God in all your dealings with one another, and you yourself will feel that each day sees you nobler than before as you tread Godward.

      It is from amongst you that representatives, group leaders, and workers are chosen by the Master for administrative convenience, to carry on the work efficiently--to wit, to arrange spiritual get-togethers (Satsangs) for mutual help and benefit. My Master, Hazur Sawan Singh Ji, used to say that Satsangs served a very useful purpose as a protective hedge around the field of Simran and Bhajan, so that these vital and life-giving processes continue to develop and thrive, in spite of the otherwise busy life in the family, in society, in your respective avocations, and the like.

      I cannot help emphasizing that all Satsangis, whatever their qualifications and the degrees of advancement, are equally dear to me. With all our seeming righteousnesses, we are yet far from righteousness, for none are righteous in the real sense of the word, and there is no ground for us to feel exalted simply because we had the good fortune to work in the vineyard of the Lord. On the contrary, this very thing--the work entrusted to us so graciously--casts upon us an added responsibilty to make ourselves worthy of it.

      I would very much like you to forge and strengthen loving links in the ever-expanding fraternity that is ours. The representatives should, in a missionary spirit, travel from center to center in their areas so as to see things for themselves at each center, and strive to make them live centers in the spiritual fabric, and in a loving spirit, exchange their views with one another, and offer suitable suggestions for improving the position wherever necessary. To facilitate work at each center, we should set up small committees of three to four members with the idea of division of work as may make for more efficiency and better understanding, and also enthuse a spirit of good will and fellowship among all who are engaged in the holy work. It may be worthwhile to establish separate study circles for mutual discussions on one or the other spiritual subject, so that those participating in them get a training to give small inspiring talks on their own, and be able to keep the work going without any let or hindrance. A small lending library with essential literature on Sat Mat will be a great help to all, old and new Satsangis as well as fresh aspirants for and seekers after Truth.

      A tree is known by the fruit it bears, and so we should act and behave in a manner that glorifies God and is befitting to us as children of God. It will be a healthy beginning if representatives, group leaders, and workers invite each other for talks and addressing the Satsangis and others interested in the subject in their respective areas; and the invitees in their turn should give out their best to their listeners without in any way interfering with their susceptibilities and loyalties as may tend to estrange them from each other, and cause any to stumble on the way. This, it is hoped, will in a way help to expand the "Self" in you, and your hearts will go out to serve the Lord whenever and wherever you may get an opportunity to do so. This is the greatest service that one can do to oneself, and to the self-same Self in others around you, and those with whom you may come in contact from day to day.

      Those going around in connection with Satsang work at different places should not accept any offering whatsoever for their personal benefit. However, they are allowed to share lodging and simple food with the dear ones, if possible and necessary. The travel expenses and other allied charges incurred may be debited to Satsang funds. The non-acceptance of gifts for personal self is one of the prescriptions given by the ancient sages for persons living the spiritual life. It will be easy to see how this rule becomes more important for those who are in their service to God, and have been placed in a position of public authority. It is the duty of the spiritual leaders and counsellors, whatever their capacity, to remain impersonal servants of all. Since the acceptance of gifts involves one, even against his or her will, in some measure of obligation to the giver, it may cause unwittingly a lowering of his or her ideals. This should be considered sufficient to avert serious difficulties that could arise from laxity in this principle.

      In this respect it would be worth your while and profitable for you to read this, along with the previous circulars of June 6, 1967 ("By Love, Serve One Another"),and November 11, 1967 ("Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit"), together with the Birthday Message of July 1967("In My Heart I Have a Vision"), as all of these, including this one, present an integrated view of true living as enjoined by the Masters.

      I would also greatly appreciate it if you would chalk out the lines for yourself, and also send periodical reports on the progress made from time to time. The Master Power overhead, I am sure, will help us to achieve the desired results. My best wishes are with you.

      With all love, and more of it,

      Yours affectionately,