Satsangs - Scripts

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The Path according to St. John 12/1963
The Perfection of Man 29.08.1971
Protector and Protection 09/1970
The Purpose of human Life 03/1968
The Psychology of Mysticism
The real Hunger
The Remodeling of our Destiny 02/1974
On the Role of Women
Sant, the Master 1950
Service before self 21.02.1964
Separation 20.01.1964
The spiritual Revolution explained 07.02.1973
The Temple of God
Thief of your Life's Breath 06/1971
The Thing Love knows 07.01.1964
The Essence of Religion
The esoteric Side of Religion 29.10.1963
This World is not your Home 1972
Three Questions 21.01.1964
True Master and his Mission
True Temple is the Man Body 13.09.1970