God is Truth and Truth is God. A truthful person always works in the Light of God. He has nothing to fear in the world. Ever clothed in the Divine Light, he works and bears himself in Godly simplicity, for God is his sheet-anchor and a haven of refuge. Don't tell lies. If you do so, you deceive yourself first and then others; moreover, you have to tell many more lies to cover your one lie. One should therefore follow the motto: "Be true to your own self--don't deceive yourself." If one is true to his own self, he is to fear none, "for he is true to God in him, Who is in all hearts." He would, therefore, speak truth, think truth, and deal in truth, for he is aware of the divine help at every step. Adversity cannot deter him, misfortune cannot betray him, and opposition cannot waylay him, because the gracious God Power is his shield and help and comes to his aid anywhere and everywhere. Such a heart becomes an abode of all other virtues which follow of their own, to find sympathetic cooperation. Truth does not mean simply speaking truth and thinking truth, but it is a righteous mode of life. Truth is above all, but higher still is true living. Our actions should be exemplary so that they show and denote that we belong to a noble school of thought, based on Truth, Piety and Love. A tree is known by the fruit it bears. The divine tree of spirituality needs to be nourished with the waters of Ahimsa and Truthfulness. "Truth," says Kabir, "is the highest of all virtues, while falsehood is the vilest of vices." The Truth of Truths resides in the innermost recesses of the human soul and needs to be dug out, unearthed and freely practiced in all our dealings.



The True Sound-Principle is the source of all life, and it is only by contacting It on the Divine Ground that we become truly truthful and our life can be molded on the pattern of Truth. By practicing Truth and living in Truth, one gets clothed in the Love of the Lord and freely extends love to all and sundry. In all the four ages, because He incarnated in all four ages, Kabir preached of the true Sound-Principle. It is through day to day contact with This that one purifies one's life and makes one's self a fit receptacle for the Divine Grace.