December 1956


Instructions for Holding Satsang


Param Sant Kirpal Singh (Ek Onkar)


SATSANG, as the term implies, is association with Sat or Truth. Satsang meetings should therefore be exclusively devoted to the discourses on Sat, which in its broader connotation includes talks on God, Soul, Word, the relation between Soul and God on the one hand, and Soul and the Universe on the other, the God-Way or the path of God-realization, and the Godman or Spiritual Master, what He is, His need and importance, and His teachings. It also includes discourses on allied topics like ethical life, love, faith, compassion, and all that which makes way for the healthy and progressive development of Divine Life leading to efflorescence of spirit in cosmic awareness.


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INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOLDING SATSANG was issued in December 1956

as Circular No. 4, under this title, and includes the basic guidelines laid down by the Master for conducting Satsang meetings. Many of the specific injunctions, however, have been modified or clarified by the Master in later writings, particularly „how to develop receptivity“ which should be studied carefully in connection with this circular.



Param Sant Kirpal Singh