Nowhere is now here


To find unity is to find oneself. It is not a matter of searching outside but of withdrawing from all outside and receding within to the center and core of our being. For unity is within and not without; it is innate in us. The more we go out the more we scatter and disintegrate ourself. The more we withdraw and recede within, the more we realize our true self, the indweller of this muddy vesture of clay, the man body. We rise into the consciousness that it is I and none else or it is he and none else, the one who has consciousness that it is I and none else or it is he and none else, the one who has become many, taking on different shapes and forms. The ocean of all consciousness that has divided and scattered itself into little drops of consciousness. Very simple it seems, but somewhere along the line something goes wrong, and thing and get mixed up. The consciousness entity, drop of the ocean of all consciousness, identifies itself so completely with the outer covering of matter that it forgets its true nature and being that it is consciousness entity and not the covering, the indweller and not the body.


And thus we find the ocean reaching out to the drop, God reaching out to his children by taking the form of man to take them back home. The great drama is enacted from age to age. God men come to awaken mankind, to rekindle the dying fires of divinity in them by providing the spark from the abundant of the limitless reservoir that they bring to mankind. They join mankind into unbreakable bonds of love to establish the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God. To err is human. When they leave the world man forgets and again a God man comes to reawaken man to realize his true identity.


Unity is not a matter of drawing inferences form books, or feelings and emotions. It is a matter of seeing the unseen, knowing the unknowing within the God made temple of the man body. And this is the gift of grace that God men come to distribute freely to man, whoever he be, wherever he be. And in this time and age the living Master, Satguru Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj is distributing the gift of grace in such abundance that in that in the all-pervading darkness we see a glimmer of the dawn of the new golden age. It is in the fitness of things that he should be the guiding spirit behind the world wide movement for unity of man for it is only a God man who can change, “ God is nowhere” into “God is now here.”