“Man’s World: Today…Tomorrow”


 (A poem by Aftab J. Srivastava—dedicated to the Unity of Man)


Man’s world is unlivable!

Coming from it, I know how hot it is;

I’ve been thro’the scorching heat of its selfishness;

I’ve been scalded by its brutality, its iniquities,

And now I’ve come to take shelter under  yr bespangled, blue umbrella,

For your soft hands to balm my wounds,

Gently, so no scars be left—no memories of past miseries—

Out of Man’s Cruel World !


I’ve been burning!

The cruelty of man—heartless man, monster—

His faithlessness, deceit,

Selfishness, into l’ rance, all

Have submerged me in an ocean of tears.

Once I’ d said to someone

“Touch me not,

My inflammable tears have set ablaze many a lover,

I’ d  not like your heart scorched,

For blister on the heart show up as tears,

And down man’s cheeks tears look awful.”

But now my tear-washed eyes

See dim images of TRUTH.

Let’em behold your loved, radiant face.


I have clearer visions of


I espy the beautiful sunrise,

The more beautiful sunset 

When you open your smiling eyes or shut’me.

My heart throbs

When I hear you speak of LOVE—

Ev’ry human heart resounds;

Each blade of grass sways back’ n  forth,

Buds blossom and dance in dulcet harmony ;

The cool morning breeze,

The smell of rain-moistened earth—

Your choicest gifts, given freely to all—

Thrill me as ne’er before.

You’re the monarch of all the worlds,

Where You are you’ve banished

Hatred, intol’rance, faithlessness,

Chicanery, deceit, selfishness, ambition—

There love’s supreme;

I belong there! I’ m  poor--

Let me in!


My new-born babe is tomorrow’s MAN!

He’s HOPE re-born, FAITH re-kindled!

He’ll see a new light, hear the heav’nly harm’ny

Feel the pain of other beings,

Be one with all mankind,

And say, “Awake, Arise, and fear no more,

For, I’ m with you, my God,

I love you”.