Masterís Calling


Oh, hearken now for blessed Masterís Calling,

To all souls who seek their home.

Oh, tarry not for night is falling ;

For God is love and He doth know His own.

The gates of heaven are surely swinging open ;

Are open now to take us in,

The age has come with light abounding ;

For with His love Heís washed away all sin.


Brother, now, shall love his younger brother;

Every race and faith and creed.

All sustaining one another ;

Gone will be all thought of hate and greed.


Oh, wonderous night with glory past our knowing ;

Will pass unsees to eyes of fesh.

Oh, Father, for you bright loveís glowing;

We in that love shall find our perfect rest,


(written in 1963 after sitting at the beloved feet of the Master in Chicago.)



-          Mary ft, Garlich