27Brief Life Sketch and Teachings

Satguru Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj



His Holiness Sant Kirpal Ji Maharaj is one of those blessed souls who come to fulfill the purpose of God on earth.


Born on 6the Feb, 1894, in a respectable Sikh family of Sayyad kasran, a village in Rawalpindi District, his whole life has been a constant endeavor for the realization of Truth and knowledge. He was named Kirpal, the Gracious one and aptly so for he was in due course to be the great-perennial source of bliss and tranquility.


The ‘Little Saint’


From his early childhood he revealed unusual traits – love of solitude and deep meditation. His early life is full of miracles that earned him the title of ‘little saint’ at the tender age of six years. His scholastic career is distinguished by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and passion for study. Such was his love of study that he had read through the entire college library during his student days.


Compassionate Heart

The Master ‘s life is studded with significant events that shine like guiding stars. At the age of twelve, he chanced to read of an incident in the life of Saint Ramanuja, who called together at the village folk, and divulged to them the secret instruction he had received from his Master. Threatened with dire consequences of violating his initiation vows he just said that he did not mind going to hell, for it would entail suffering to just one man – himself, whereas all these people will get salvation. This incident made a deep impression on him and he used to think that if ever he got the gift of spirituality, he would distribute it freely to all who happened to come his way.


The shark catches Flame


During his quest for Divine knowledge, an incident occurred which changed the whole course of his existence and intensified his search for God. He happened to be sitting by the beside of a dying woman, a young lady. Suddenly, she said, “All right, I am going” and in an instant her spirit left the body. The incident set him thinking hard. What was it that was animating the body – now lying dead – and speaking to those around her, the power that had left her body but was still present in al of them? While accompanying her bier to the cremation ground, he saw the body of an old man on the bier next to her. It flashed on him that death made no distinction between young and old. A little further he happened to read the epitaph on a Samadhi (memorial), “Oh ye that walk with swaggering gait, beware. We too were once like thee enjoying life to the full, but alas! Now lie beneath this stone, a handful of dust.” These three scenes, passing in quick succession before his eyes, affected him to the very core of his being. And from that day began an era of night-long vigils, of ceaseless search in scripture, of free-flowing silent tears. The mystery of life was finally solved at the feet of his beloved Master – Master Hazoor Baba Singh Ji Maharaj.


God First, World Next


After passing his matriculation examination in 1911, he pondered over the question: what was his aim in life? It toot him seven days of intense dwelling on the subject discussing the problem from all possible angles, and with a firm resolve, -“God first and the world next” and since taking that resolve he never once looked back.


He had, through purity of mind and sincere devotion, developed transvision. At times during meditation he would look into the past and the future. He prayed to God that these divine powers be kept in reserve for him, that he should pass his earthly life as an average man that if anyone were to benefit through him, he himself should not know of it.


The Master Appears

The story of the culmination of his search, his meeting with Hazoor Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, reveals the inscrutable ways of providence. Study of scriptures had convinced him of the necessity of a living Master for realizing his goal. His only fear was that if he happened to contact an imperfect Master who had not reached the ultimate goal, a whole life’s search would go waist. His constant prayers to the Almighty to lead him to a fully competent Master were at last answered and he was blessed with inner contact with the Radiant Form of the living Master Hazoor Baba Singh Ji, which he took to be that of Guru Nanak. This happened in 1917, seven years before he was destined to meet his Master in physical from.


The memorable meeting took place in 1924, at Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, Beas, where he, an ardent lover of river had gone on a sightseeing excursion. When he saw Hazoor (Baba Sawan Singh Ji ) he instantly recognized him to be the same personality who, in his Radiant Form; had been his guide and preceptor in higher spiritual plans. “Why has Your Holiness taken so long in guiding me to your feet?”


He asked. The white-bearded sage smiled. “This is the opportune time for our physical meeting.”


The Torch Bearer


The disciple, destined to be the future torch bearer of the eternal flame, gave himself up heart and soul, to the service of the Master. For twentyfour years he sat at the feet of his Master under whose direction he completed to fullness his inner spiritual growth and achievements, while living the life of a householder. His life as disciple, which is of one piece with the rest of his life, is a glowing example of dedicated service and sacrifice; of complete devotion and surrender of self at the feet of His Satguru.


It is not possible to record, in a limited span, the various incident from his life, charged with dynamic action and force of character. It is the power of love which shines in him that has earned him the love and affection of Catholics and Protestants of Europe and America, Jews of Palestine, Hindus and Sikhs in India, Moslems, in India; the  Arab world and Pakistan, Buddhist of Tibet and Malaya and others. His imitates included people from almost all the countries or the world, having different cultures, denominations and religious beliefs.


Gurmat Siddhant


He has written voluminously and with power, starting with the great monumental work of the century, ‘Gurmat Siddhant’ or the path of the Masters, written in 1953, with full approval of his Master. Hazoor Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj, Comprising of two Volumes, of about 2000 pages, it is a valuable compendium on the subject of spirituality. Being a digest of the teaching of all the various religions of the world, giving out the  same Truth in the their various languages and modes of expression, it serves as a Banquet Hall of Spirituality to the seekers of Truth. He has written a number of books in English for seekers of Truth in East and West. His book have been translated into French, German, Greek, Spanish and other language.


Service of Humanity


After 36 year of meritorious service, he retired in March, 1947, as Deputy Assistant Controller of Military Accounts. He refused an offer of extension and devoted himself whole heartedly to the divine mission entrusted by his Satguru, who cast of his earthly frame on the 2nd April, 1948. He retired to the Himalayan mountains where he spent all the time in almost continuous Samaddhi or absorption on God. Under the directions of his Master, he returned to the world and took up the mission of his Master to impart spirituality to the sincere after Truth. On the behest of his Master he founded the Ruhanin Satsang, in 1948, and built the Sawan Ashram, Delhi, in 1951, as a spiritual sanctuary where seekers of Truth can get the benefit of first-handed experience of spirituality without any distinction of caste, creed nationality, color or sex.


In 1955, he undertook an extensive tour of USA, U.K., Germany etc. to quench the thirst of those seeking soul who yearned for God. This was followed after eight years by another world tour in the year 1963 for the same purpose but intended to benefit bigger lots in hundreds and thousands. In this tour a sizeable number of religious heads, political and social leaders, high government officials and dignitaries and people at large benefited spiritually and availed of the opportunity of his presence to have heart talks.


His yet third tour came about in the year 1972 to fulfill his call to duty regardless of his physical body revolting, to benefit thousands who had been anxiously awaiting for the water of life and personal divine radiatin. This was whirlwind tour covering more than 50000 km in a short span of over four months to Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, panama, some South American countries and Lebanon. His simple, practical and yet forceful and penetrating teaching were related to all and sundry through open public meetings, talks in universities, symposiums, television, press interviews etc. This attracted large audience particulary the younger generation who apparently were groping for satisfaction in life in dope and such like things and found that this oldest albeit ever fresh and peace giving science of Soul that the Master gave out in the  practical way, was the one that they actually needed and strived for.


He had undertaken three world-tour, in 1955, 1963-64, and the last in 1972-73. Despite his old age he undergoes such like physical hardship for the spiritual welfare of the suffering humanity. Thousands of sincere soul seeking spiritual enlightment have benefited immensely from his August presence in the West. There has emerged a general awakening among the masses and yearning hearts pining for Union with the Beloved have been put on the way back to God. He has his own unassuming and natural way of manifesting Divine Truth in simple and lucid terms. As a matter of fact it is his unique charming countenance which has attracted thousands upon thousands like moths to the flame. He is the very Light House of Divinity radiating God’s grace, and to see him is to be as witness of God.


Honours have come to him unsought, from all over the world, cutting across barriers of caste, nationality and color. The conferment of the Order of the Grand Commander of the Sovereign Orders of Satguru. Jehn of Jerusalme, Knights of Malta, opened to him the doors of churches of all demominations during his second world tour in 1963 and paved the way for inter-religious communication and concord. At national level Santji has rendered commendable services in strengthening the forces of integration to save India from disunity and disintegration.


His world tour raised the prestige of India in the eyes of the world and helped the people of different countries who listened to him to settle and more ethical and stabilized way of living.


He had unanimously been elected President of the world Fellowship of Religions, convened in 1957 (Delhi), 1960 (Cakcutta), 1963 (Delhi) and 1970 (Delhi). These conference have a good work in bringing heads and people of different religions together to understand each other in a spirit of toleration. But much remained to be done to bring about sustained unity in the world at the level of man. For this cause he established Manav Kendra in the year 1969 which is a projection of Ruhani Satsang for man-making with additions of man-service and land-service on international level.


A pamphlet giving details of Manav Kendra aims and objects has been published separately.





Since the beginning of creation, when the first flicker of self –awakening dawned on man, his attention has been more and more concerned with the problem of his own worldly existence and the investigation into the cause and source of all Creation. For ages he has probed and queried in vein; but now at last his increasing thirst for Knowledge is turning him to study the result obtained by others.


Sages of all ages have referred to the Supreme knowledge  - “The  knowledge which makes everthing else know” or “Knowledge of the Higher Self –the True Man.” It is this knowledge which deals both in theory and practice with Man’s true nature and his relationship with God.  In fact, a natural science without any hypothesis and is not subject neither to change nor time.


In ancient India it was called “Para Vidyda” (Science of Realized Truth or Science of the Beyond), and different denominations sprang up to interrupt this Knowledge. The term “Apra Vidya,” standing for the preparation for achieving the Knowledge of Para Vidya, was then introduced. This consists of following an ethical and moral life, and the practice of concentration or meditation (in so many ways), both being indispensable for spiritual development.


New names and terminologies have been adopted to describe this knowledge or science. Sant Mat (Sant means Master of the highest order Mat, the nature of knowledge through personal experience) is currently largely used to denotes this science. Sant Mat or Surat Shabd Yoga or Sehj Yoga is thus the system or the path of the saints or the  Masters.


Master do not attach any importance to names or designations or to the fact of many religious sect of groups claimed this science and named it after their own founders. They look upon these groups as schools, where men can study as children of the same Almighty Father. A Master also called Sat Satguru, has completely mastery of both theory and practice of the science and is competent to impart knowledge and experience to sincere seekers after Truth without any distinction of colour, caste or creed.



Man, composed of body, mind (intellect) and soul, is generally careful to develop himself physically and mentally, but cares and understand little of the soul – the power that rules the body and mind body. So we must seek the perennial source of joy and peace within ourselves. Self-analysis is the first step in this direction.


There is an omnipresent Power called God, believed in, worshipped and talked about by most people. Can we see Him and talk to him? A Master has given a most convincing and definite reply to this question. He exclaims: “Yes, we can see and speak to him if we become as exalted as He is said to be.” This is in consonance with the law of Nature of which we have as yet little or knowledge.


How can we enter the Kingdom of God? Is it possible to do so? Master reply in simple words. “With the help and guidance of a true Master, it is possible to do so. This knowledge is perfect and as sure as two and two make four”. It is not enough to be content with the study of holy books and the singing of hymns. We must strive for the same degree of advancement as achieved by those about whom these about were written. We should not stop at anything short of this.



A man, according to Paravidya, is not entitled to be called a “man” in the true sense of the word unless he has acquired full knowledge, both theoretical and practical, of his distinguished position in creation, his several component parts – body, mind and soul – and his relationship with the unseen power. Saints, therefore, stress the need for man-making.


Scholars of many religious schools dwell more and more on theory alone. This was the beginning of the decline of the Science. This is usually the case when a Master leaves his physical body. Adequate povision is, however, made for the revival of this Science in every age when both the Positive and Negative powers commence their rounds again. The former works through Master-souls and latter through persons who are so called Masters but who either lack positive experience or are deluded by theoretical disputations.


The Master-soul, though quite ordinary men in appearance, are a great deal more than they appear to be. We cannot recognize the authority of true Masters until we have experienced the divine power working through them. Why this unseen Power remains concealed from the human eye is a question to be asked directly from a Master-Saint. This unseen Power can be called a “Sea of Love”. Thus to experience that Power we have to go to the only source of contact – the Master saints. It is only through a living Master that one can contact the Almighty God within. In Sant Mat, contemplation of objects or images is not advised: indeed such practice is harmful to progress. Photograph of the Masters are for remembrance and recognition only.



Life Beyond Death

Saints say that Nature has designed man to leave his physical body at will to transcend to higher spiritual planes and then to his body. They help each aspirant personally, and each one receives practical experience, however little it may be at the time of initiation. A person, who is competent to give this personal experience of withdrawal and who can thus put man on the way to higher spiritual realms, is genuine Master, Saint or Satguru.


The first-hand experience we receive, through the kindness and grace of real saint is, in itself, the solution to the problems of death. Some day we have to leave this temporary structure, which deteriorates with time. There is no appeal, in the laws of Nature, against the “death sentence”. We fear death because of the agony, suffering and uncertainty about the unknown beyond: we fear illness because it brings us near death;s door and so we struggle to live, though we know that our end is certain.




What then is the remedy? There is only one way of this abyss of despair and it is to adopt and accustom ourselves during our lifetime to Nature’s process to move side by side with Nature and Master in the  process of withdrawal of spirit-current from the body while in conscious state, through the help of a saint, and this without any suffering of trouble whatsoever. This is not only a possibility but a remarkable fact. Our joy will know no bounds when we come into possession of this secret. We become a “Superman” in possession of a “Key to peace” and “heaven” of which we have till then only read about in sacred scriptures. Arise, and awake before it is too late to put this sacred science into practice.


The mystery of life and death can only because solved with the help of Master-saint, who will put you on the high road to higher realms. The benefit derived from his process cannot be described on paper. At initiation the aspirant sees within real light which grows to the radiance of several suns put together as he advances on the way. He now understands that the unceasing internal Sound he contacts is the Divine link called the Word, Kalma Nadai-Asmani, Naad Udgit, Saroasha Naam or Shabd by different Master-saint. He meets the Master within, talks to him face to face, as he advances on the path, and is henceforth certain of his grace, guidance and protection wherever he may go even to the other end of earth. With evident proofs before him he is now confident of himself and of the Science. He has found a sure ingress through the doorway of heaven in this life andis on the threshold of viewing both internally and externally, the secrets of Nature. He is verily “knocking,’ at the door of heaving tapping inside.” Words os opposition cannot shake his faith in the science as the Master guides him forward death becomes a voluntary process. Past, present and future merge into one, and he grasp the incontestable Truth, the pith of all intelligence.



Preliminary qualifications

Just as in any other science, so in this science of the Masters, certain preliminary qualifications are required of those who would advance in these studies before progress can be made. Wherever he may be, man must strive for nobility of character, self-control and purity. Purity in the thought, word and deed is essential. ‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.’ An ethical life is a stepping stone to spirituality which is not just ethical living.


Live and let live should be our principle in life. With regard to diet. Vegeterianism and teetotalism are essential. Our body is the temple of God we are neither to neglect it nor to abuse it. In our dealing with our family and the world at large, we should sow the seed of kindness. ‘Love and all blessing shall be added unto you.’ To love God is to love all humanity.


Karma – action and reaction


Each thought, every word or deed has to be accounted for in Nature. Every cause has an effect and every action brings about a reaction. Except for Masters who have transcended these laws and freed themselves from Karma, all are bound by karmic bonds – the root cause of physical existence and the Nature’s clever device to maintain this existence. The mind contracts karmar, put a covering on the soul and rules through the organs and senses. Although it is the  soul that can impart strength to the mind, the latter has taken up sovereignty and is governing instead. Before one can achieve victory over the world. One must achieve victory over the mind.


Karma is the cause of rebirth, and each birth is in turn followed by death. Thus the cycle of enjoyment and suffering birth and death continues. No amount of integrity, intelligence of genius can absolve a man as long as there is the slightest trace of karma. Ignorance of the laws is no excuse and though there may be some concession or relaxation with man-made laws under special circumstances there is no such allowance in Nature’s law! Prayer, confession and atonement may give temporary mental relief, but they cannot overcome karma. All karma must be wiped out completely before permanent salvation can be found.


Disturbed by these facts, man seeks solace in deep pious doctrines or when he comes to know that both good and ad deeds are fetters – one of gold and the other of iron – he turns to renunciation. Different faiths promise relief, but he soon finds it temporary. How then, does a Master approach this problem? At the time of initiation, the Master takes entire charge of his disciple’s karma, making the disciple responsible only to him and not to the Lord of Karma. After warning his disciple to guard against opening any account of bad deeds, a part of which the disciple has already settled in this life upto the time of initiation. By the grace of the Master the Karmas to be tolerated by the disciple in the remaining years of life are softened. In the moments of misery, the Master is our refuge.


There is no court of trial after death for a loving disciple – the Master is all in all for him.


Why does a Master-saint take all this on himself? Because he inherits the merciful nature from God above who commissions him to personally distribute this treasure of mercy. Thus he is honored like God, and Sant Mat has volumes of books written praise of the Masters, and as many books written will hardly do justice to the vastness of their love and kindness.



‘Deadly Five’

Time casts its heavy shadow over man. He has to toil hard to keep pace with the changing times. So deeply he is absorbed in his external needs and desire that he forgets times. So deeply he is absorbed in his external needs and desires that he forgets about contentment, sympathy and love. Entangled and surrounded by the ‘Deadly-Five, lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity – he stumbles and cries out to the unseen for help. Heave’s mercy is stirred – and so, as times stiffen the Almighty extends His help, through Master, more and more lavishly. Such is the case in this Kaliyuga, the Iron age.


It is indeed very hard to believe that anyone can be above the five passions mentioned above, and that he can enter the kingdom of Heaven during his lifetime. All mankind is under the control of these five. Only a Master can save a man from their clutches. We all demand reliable proof before committing ourselves and this is give by a Master in the shapes of experience of the ‘Life Impulse’ or Naam (word), and inner vision. Contact with a Master is essential. Those whole who keep aloof and depend on tradition an priests –equally ignorant as themselves – are deprived of contact with the power.


What is spirituality?


Spirituality is often confused with blind faith in sacred books, a display of miracles, psychic phenomena of yogic powers. Actually, spirituality is inner experience – experience of soul – and its alphabet begins where all philosophies end. When one gets an actual experience of the soul by self-analysis and contacts of Overself, only then it means spirituality.


The first practical lesson of spirituality starts when there is complete withdrawal from the physical body through the grace and kindness of a practical Master. No one can withdraw and separate himself from the physical body unaided . Master Come to distribute the treasure of spiritual blessing to sincere seekers of  true Spirituality. It can neither be bought nor taught. It is caught by contact with spiritual people. Like all Nature’s gifts, spirituality is given gratis by the Masters.


There are two main currents in the body that control life. One, a motor current which controls breathing or parna and the other a sensory current, which may also be called attention or Surat. Master-saints ignore the former altogether so that breathing is not interfered with and the life process goes on without interruption. The sensory current ramifies throughout the entire body and its chief center lies between and behind the eyebrows along the mind. We have to wiehdraw the sensory current, or the spirit, to its center.



Attuning oneself with the internal Sound-current is the only way to calm the Mind and practice concentration. It does not matter which school of thought a man belongs to. There are no hard and fast rules, no rituals, no ceremonies, no pomp and show, no offering of gifts, not even of flowers. All the disciple is required to do is to enter within the henceforth consider the body as his laboratory. He has only to understand a few points (mentioned below) with regard to the theory.


(1)     Master is not the body. He is the God Power functioning through the body and is using his body to teach and guide man. Only in a bodily form can a disciple recognize his Master in upper regions and also here on earth.

(2)     Master is shabd, Nam, Naad or the Word which is a link with the Infinite, Path leading to the ultimate Reality and which will take man to his ultimate goal.

(3)     For those disgusted with life and those who yearn for permanent happiness and peace, the word assumes a body to afford them solace. Once a disciple contact the word and the Master, the audible form of the word resides within him every moment and never leaves him. This audible Sound-current or the ringing radiance is the life impulse that the Master gives at initiation. It may be heard as a Sound coming from a distance and gradually becomes so sweet that no music on earth can excel it. This is the water of life, spring of immortality, the Elixir of Life or the Nectar of Spiriuality spoken about in holy books.

(4)     Man has an inner eye with which he can see within himself the higher regions when the veil is rent by the grace of a competent living Master. In this state he remains perfectly conscious and undergoes amazing experience. To ascent to upper regions without a competent Master is fraught with danger.


Simran – A password


Simran is the repitition of charged words given by a competent Master. The disciple is given these charged word as a weapon against all dangers. It acts also as a password to all spiritual planes, gives strength and sustenance to the body and mind during any trouble and affliction and brings the soul near the Master. It is instrumental in achieving concentration and imparts many other diverse powers.


Initiation starts with the explanation and description of inner spiritual regions and the way in which the path is to be pursued. The inner vision is to see various distinct heavenly Light and contact with the divine link – sound principle – constitutes the practical side of initiation. Daily practice of these combined with Simran is called meditation. The disciple is asked to keep a diary of progress. The initiation ceremony takes two to three hours.


In conclusion, the science of self-analysis that reveals the Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of God is remedy that can construct culture and grace through a Master- saint, visible Representative of the Lord. He who claims to love for his invisible God and has no regard or love for his visible brother man is lost indeed. To love, revere and feel grateful to our fellow-men is to love and revere God. So, too, the love for the visible true Master, our closest connecting link with God, is reality love for the Supreme Father. The atmosphere in which the genuine Master moves is charged with currents of peace and love which influences those who come into contact with him. Guru precedes God. Such a Master was Hazoor Baba Sawan Sing Ji Maharaj who remained with his disciple for many years and even now after he left his the body, waits on his loved ones and even those who contacted him with love and sincerity. On the physical plane, he is still showering his blessing through his medium at Ruhani Satsang, Sawan Ashram, Shakti Nagar, Delhi –110007. The same Power works and the same Light now shines from the bulb.


Any one who sincerely wishes to avail himself of a golden opportunity can do so, contact the Master and his wishes are fulfilled with the grace of God.