The Three World Tours


The living Master, Satguru Kirpal Singh undertook three world tours. The first tour came in 1955, the purpose of which was to re-introduce the forgotten science of the soul to sincere seekers after Truth and give them practical experience of the Light and Sound principle, teaching them how to realize themselves so that ultimately they can realize God. It was a great pioneering effort and brought about a transformation in the west at all levels of human thought and endeavor, as a result of which the Satguru found a heightening of consciousness in the West at the time of his second tour in 1963.


Satguru Kirpal Singh came to the west in order that all “Who had eyes to see and ears to hear” Would awaken to the conscious reality of the Living world within. It was a simple message that he gave to the West, simply conveyed. “We are embodied souls,” He said. “We are conscious entities, drops in the Ocean of All consciousness which is God. The difficulty with most of us is that we have forgotten our true identities as children of God. “He presented it as a man-problem and gave the call, given light-givers before him,” Man! Know Thyself.”


Before he started on the tour that took him across many countries and continent, he told the dear ones in the Sawan Ashram, “I am not going of my own free will”. And he summed up the purpose of the tour by quoting the simple words of Christ,” I go to seek the lost sheep” Which he did by attracting seekers after Truth from al over the world and setting up new branches of the Ruhani Satsang in different which have now grown to more than 255.


He arrived at a time when the great intellectuals and thinkers in the West were paralyzed by fear of an impending atomic war. “How can we evade the danger of nuclear war?” They asked. And he told them “If only you act up to what the scriptures say.” And he summed up the teachings of all great Masters and scriptures in the two cardinal principles – “Love thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul in the two cardinal principles – “Love thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy strength” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. He gave the Gift of grace freely to all. His talks, lectures, practical instructions for meditation were all given free. He had even to advertise in the newspaper that the gift of spirituality like all gifts of nature was given free and it was the birth-right of man. “Every saint has a past every sinner a future.” He said, and again, “What a man has done a man can do, of course with proper help and guidance.”


The second world tour came 8 years later in the crisis-ridden years 1963-64. When he decided to work on many levels of consciousness, concurrently, in order to reach all strata of human society with the blessing he had to dispense to all mankind. He met the pope and he met patriarchs and prelates. He met president and prime ministers. He met leaders of orthodox and heterodox religious personalities he gave the same message “You have under your care many millions of the children of God. Their welfare is entrusted to you. Can you therefore gamble with their lives and still affirm that you abide by your scriptures and ethical laws?” To the heads of government he said, “If the administration of a neighboring country is unable to take proper care of its citizens, you should help them. Do not exploit the weakness of others.”


Hazoor Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj had informed his beloved spiritual successor: “You will travel all over the world and your name will spread from one corner of the earth to the other. I see you in great assembly hall with the nobility of the world before you.” From its commencement this tour became a fulfillment of that prophesy of Satguru Kirpal Singh’s name was made know to the great and small and he was received with honor in the great palaces, parliaments and government building of the West.


In addition to the basic message he gave these social and religious leaders, he also propagated the message of the world fellowship of Religions as its President. We are already one”, however said, “Through the Unity of Man and Unity of Soul”. But we have forgotten the unity. It is a need for all men of goodwill to work together for peace the need is urgent – particularly on the part of religious, social and political heads who are the ‘driving force of the masses.


Satguru Kirpal Singh Ji was awarded the honor of Grand commander of the Order of Satguru. John of Jerusalem, Knight of Malta, a year before, which opened the door of all churches to him. He found a definite increase in spiritual awareness which had grown since his visit to the West in 1955. It was as if the Western world had realized that it could be standing on the  threshold of a new spiritual age – rather than the edge of nuclear destruction – a transfiguration stage of present racial consciousness from materialistic intellect to spiritual intuition.


The third world tour of the living Master, Satguru Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj was wholly devoted to distributing the gift of grace to all seeker of Truth, ‘Whoever they be, wherever they be’ and scattering the seed of Naam far and wide. The third world tour was a memorable event. A much larger number of people were given initiation by the Master in this hurricane tour of four months, duration than in the two preceding tours put together. The open spiritual discourses, meditation sittings and question-answer sessions drew unprecedented large number of people as may be seen from the two pictures in the souvenir.