Hail to Thee, O Light of Life!


What of birth and what of death for Him, who comes to save our souls,

To save our souls,

Karma-free He moved around, coming and going in

fullness all his own,


Blessed is his coming when and wheresoever

As design he May,


For He comes to lead the self-exiled, now longing

for the way.


His glance of Grace is richer far than all the

riches herebelow,


The human-in man blossoms forth at once as

His breezes blow;


And as the spirit shoots across the shadow

phantoms of the night,


There comes in full view the sage-in-Radiance

At once sublime and bright.


Together they move hence thro’ wondrous inscapes

strange to sight,


Till in the midst of dulcet strains He renders His

charge to Himself aright.


Such is the great alchemy of Love that shakes

the throne of God,


And God Himself hastens adown, clad in vile attire

to share our woes,


And to what end? Save to serve as a Saviour for

the fallen souls.



-Bhadra Sena